Commercial Specialty Garage Doors

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Commercial Specialty Garage Doors

Rolling steel overhead garage doors are robust commercial doors built to last. These doors are used in a variety of commercial facilities that value durability, safety, security and longevity. The most common rolling steel doors are ribbed and have a curtain with slats made of galvanized steel.

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Rolling steel doors are available in a variety of slat profiles depending on the manufacturer selected and can be customized for high cycle counts in order to accommodate continuous use and extend the timeframe before springs replacement is needed. Depending on the building requirements, the slat curtains are also available in stainless steel and aluminum with a variety of powder coat color options. Rolling steel doors are available in non-insulated and insulated models and you can select light duty, heavy duty or springless rolling steel models.

Door operation options includes crank, chain hoist and with commercial garage door operators. When deciding between types of operation it is important to think about how many times a day the door with cycle and what is the most convenient for your commercial property. There are a variety of overhead coiling doors including fire-rated steel doors and high speed doors.

New Garage Doors

Hangar Doors & Bi-Folding Doors

These doors are ideal for buildings that require large commercial garage doors with unique designs. Public, military and private airports and agricultural facilities have hangar doors to secure airplanes and heavy machinery. These doors can be bi-folding, four-fold, hydraulic and self-supporting.

Four-Fold & Horizontal Folding Doors

Designed for quick access with fewer moving parts, these low maintenance doors can clear an opening in as little as 8 seconds. Utilized for fire stations, transit facilities including light rail vehicles and train stations these doors can be mounted externally or internally and have a variety of window options.

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Vertical Lift Doors

Vertical lift doors are designed for commercial spaces that have vertical space above the opening for use with commercial steel sectional door models. This option helps provide more vertical space in the building.