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Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet roll-up doors are often confused with rolling steel slat doors. From a distance, they look the same. They both have metal curtains that roll up around a barrel covered by a hood (not all models have hoods). The main difference is that rolling sheet doors are a continuous unit that is one vertical unit whereas rolling steel doors are interlocking slats on a curtain that attaches to a spring barrel inside a hood. 

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The guides for rolling sheet doors are thin gauge metal whereas their counterpart has guides that are structural steel angles. The curtain on rolling sheet doors are lower gauge metal and rolling sheet doors are never fire-rated.

Rolling sheet doors are less expensive and lightweight compared to a rolling steel slat door, which is used for medium and heavy-duty applications. Storage facilities all use rolling sheet doors since they need security and aesthetic look but not the heavy-duty option. These doors are low maintenance, easy to install and can easily be pushed up. Door operation options include crank, push up, chain hoist and, for ease of use on larger openings, a commercial garage door operator is incorporated.

There are a variety of specialty doors including counter shutter models and security grilles when deciding what is the right choice for your facility.

Porvene Rolling Sheet Door

Commercial Rolling Sheet Garage Door Features & Options

  • 26-gauge corrugated curtain.
  • 20-36 color options on some models and swing doors available in 4 colors only.
  • Coated steel or stainless steel option.
  • Vision panel, screened vents, and vent cutout options.
  • One or two springs depending on the width of the door.
  • 16 or 18 gauge steel guides attaching directly to the door jambs.
  • Push up, hand chain, internal or external motor operation.
  • 24 gauge bottom bar and bulb astragal.
  • Windload rated models available.
  • Bottom bar step plate and slide locks – 2 each per door.
  • Slidelocks or latch for use with all padlocks.
  • Insulated models available.
  • ADA Kits.
  • Header and jamb seals.
  • Side and top draft stop.
  • Electric sensing edge option (if automated).
  • Warranties vary per manufacturer, Janus provides 1-year standard warranty and 40-year film integrity warranty and up to 30-year chalk and fade warranty. Rollright 2-year free of defect warranty.

Commercial Rolling Sheet Garage Door Common Repairs

  • Curtain misalignment.
  • Broken spring, full door replacement needed.
  • Guide repair or replacement.
  • Reduction gear assembly.
  • Bottom bar and astragal replacement.
  • Sensing edge replacement (if automated).
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Commercial Rolling Sheet Garage Door Maintenance

It is recommended to lubricate all moving parts every year. More frequent use doors will require more frequent lubrication. Regular maintenance should include checking the following items:

  • Inspect curtain and bracket alignment and ensure it is level and is moving through opening smoothly.
  • Check curtain end locks and bottom bar step plates.
  • Inspect fasteners connecting brackets to the wall or guide wall angles.
  • Check to ensure hood isn’t dented or damaged and that the door is rolling up correctly.
  • Inspect bottom bar and fasteners to ensure in place and make sure it is tightened and not damaged.
  • Inspect guides for damage.
  • Check spring tension.
  • Inspect and lubricate bearings.
  • Check sprockets and sprocket key for alignment and ensure it is fastened with set screws.
  • Inspect stops to ensure none are missing, loose or broken.
  • Inspect and lubricate chain hoist or commercial operator.
  • Check sensing edge and/or safety sensors for proper functionality (if automated).
  • See commercial operators for maintenance information.