Commercial High Speed Garage Doors

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Commercial High Speed Garage Doors

High speed or high performance doors are not new to the commercial building industry yet recently have gained a lot of popularity due to their efficiency, quick speed and smooth performance. High speed doors come in a variety of types including non-insulated and insulated fabric, rubber and metal models.

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Fabric and rubber high speed doors are best for locations where durability, reliability and tight closing is required. These doors are used for interior and exterior applications. They stay corrosion-free and dependable in harsh conditions and high wind areas. They have operating speeds of up to 125 inches per second where environments with control-critical applications are necessary such as food processing and handling, clean rooms and pharmaceutical buildings. These doors are designed to help absorb impact and certain models allow the panel to release without damage to the panel, side frames or bottom bar. The door then self-resets in just seconds.

The metal models offer high-speed operation for parking garages and other high-traffic situations. These doors have a stylish slat curtain design such as full-vision or ventilated panel options which adds architectural aesthetics to commercial and industrial buildings. The low headroom models have options for special track design to fit with as little as 10 inches of clearance and opening speeds up to 100 inches per second allowing for improved traffic flow.

Rytec Spiral Full View Door

Commercial High Speed Features & Options

  • Fabric door options – smooth vinyl for full wipe-down of all services. 2-ply, 3-ply or USDA-compliant door panel and they can be designed with integrated wind ribs. Also, tear-resistant vinyl door panel and vinyl weather seal and brush seals.
  • Vision panels and option for a full width, replaceable vision panel.
  • Full range of powder coating options.
  • Various automated operator options depending on the model selected.
  • Metal Model slat options included insulated slats, vision slats, and ventilated slats.
  • High Cycle Springs (10K-1M cycle options).
  • Models certified to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour.
  • High performance hardware upgrades.
  • Pre-wired premium packages available.
  • Access control upgrades and safety reversing systems: dual-chamber pneumatic reversing edge.
  • Warranties vary per manufacturer and proximity to coastal environments including 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, and 20-year.

Commercial High Speed Common Repairs

  • Frayed or broken spring straps and adjustment rod.
  • Damaged curtain (rubber, fabric or metal) or individual slats for spiral doors.
  • Extension spring replacement (up to six on each side).
  • Light curtain safety system and reversing edge.
  • Primary or secondary drive belt replacement.
  • Upper or lower pulley replacement.
  • Replacement of bottom bar reversing edge battery.
  • Guide repair or replacement.
  • Brake release assembly.
  • Safety sensor misalignment (if automated).
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Commercial High Speed Garage Door Maintenance

It is recommended to lubricate all moving parts every three months on a quarterly basis for metal high speed doors. For rubber and fabric doors, lubrication should be done semi-annually and maintenance should be performed more often if using more frequently.

Regular maintenance on Rytec High Performance Spiral Doors should include checking the following items for other manufacturers and doors including fabric and rubber doors please consult with Garage Door Medics’ commercial team:

  • Inspect hardware – make sure all nuts, bolts, set screws and anchors are tight throughout the door.
  • Inspect side column and mounting anchors.
  • Inspect electrical connections to the power drive systems.
  • Inspect the electrical connections in the door head junction box located in the head console assembly.
  • Check for pinched, cracked, or damaged wires and insulation. Repair or replace wires as needed.
  • Reassemble the door head junction box and head console assembly cover.
  • Inspect all nuts, through bolts, threaded rods, and anchors used to secure the side columns to the wall and floor. Tighten any loose hardware and replace any missing or damaged hardware.
  • Head assembly inspection.
  • Primary drive belt inspection.
  • Secondary drive belt inspection.
  • Spreader bar inspection.
  • Weather seal inspection.
  • Spring pack inspection.
  • Spring strap inspection.
  • Wireless antenna inspection.
  • Door panel inspection.
  • Bottom bar reversing edge inspection.
  • Door limit inspection.
  • Motor brake & release cable inspection.
  • Top track inspection.
  • See commercial operators for maintenance information.