Commercial Garage Door Services

Our Commercial Garage Door Services for Your Business

At Garage Door Medics, we offer top-of-the-line solutions for commercial properties that are personalized to meet your needs. This includes quality garage door services for settings like shipping docks, warehouses, auto dealerships, storage facilities, service stations, and more. We offer and service a wide selection of commercial garage doors as well.

Service & Repair

Garage Door Medics has been a trusted resource for your commercial garage door service and repair needs since 1990. Our team of veteran technicians service more than 15,000 garage doors annually. We work with manufacturers such as Janus, Porvene, Overhead, R&S, and Wayne Dalton.

We thoroughly inspect your commercial garage and automated gate systems to ensure safety, security and reliability. Our commercial technicians are available 24/7 to ensure we are there when you need us.

We provide preventative maintenance programs tailored to your specific facilities needs. Our programs help reduce downtime, prevent injuries and protect your inventory, equipment and assets at your property. Whether you need your commercial roll up door repaired or you need someone to service your sectional door, we can help.


When your commercial garage door stops opening and closing properly, it can be both frustrating and dangerous. We offer regular maintenance that services all your commercial garage doors and gates throughout your facilities. Your managers in charge of commercial garage door and automatic gate vendor selection will be assigned a Garage Door Medics account rep to ensure personalized service and care.

We provide routine maintenance agreements designed to inform maintenance teams and facility managers of any potential issues that could affect facility operations. Our preventative maintenance program is designed to save your company time and money.

As part of our commercial maintenance program, we inventory all of your existing equipment, log prior maintenance, cycle counts and ensure we carry the necessary components to get your equipment operational as quick as possible. Proper maintenance means less downtime.


When it comes to proper installation of commercial doors, rely on Garage Door Medics to guide your next project. We work with top manufacturers and provide the style and function necessary for your facility. Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors require a different skill set to service, repair and install. Commercial jobs require speciality equipment to access, repair and replace. We have worked on the following types of facilities: shipping facilities, airport hangers, storage facilities, warehouses, retail distribution centers, grocery stores, restaurants, shipyards, and more.

We have worked with thousands of commercial customers to repair their otherwise inoperable doors. We've saved them time and money by fixing what competitors had told them was in need of replacement. That being said, some systems will need to be replaced depending on their age and parts available today.

At Garage Door Medics, we specialize in providing multi-housing properties with community garage door solutions. Options include rolling grille, access control gates, rolling sheet, steel overhead gates, and more. Whether it’s a property rehab or system refresh, we can install the proper equipment and commercial solutions for your property.

Garage Door Opener

When it comes to commercial garage door openers and access control systems, we have you covered! Trust Garage Door Medics to ensure you have the right solutions for your needs. Whether you need service, repair or opener replacement, we do it all.

With almost three decades of experience, we represent top brands that will provide longevity and reliability. We work with top manufacturers including LiftMaster®. Linear, DoorKing, and others. These manufacturers focus on solid performance in high usage and heavy traffic situations.

Commercial garage door openers provide heavy lifting capacity, replaceable components and adaptability features such as timers, loop detectors, receivers, and access control options. As an example, access control options include key fobs and card readers.

Safety & Security Features

Garage Door Medics offers security and safety features from top commercial manufacturers for commercial garage door systems. Commercial safety and security devices help to prevent injuries, asset damage and theft. Oftentimes we come across commercial facilities that do not have up-to-date required safety equipment. Without proper devices, liability increases for the property owner. Call us to schedule a site evaluation to ensure you are safety compliant.

Don't leave safety to chance. Each year there are far too many workplace accidents involving industrial and commercial garage doors. We service, repair and install all safety equipment which include cycle counters, safety eyes, loop detectors, safety edges, and safety entrapment devices.

Commercial and industrial garage doors are often overlooked by facility safety committees and programs as a threat. Overhead garage door systems are heavy, large, high-speed and used often in high traffic areas that include people and vehicles. All of these could suffer catastrophic situations. We provide preventative maintenance programs to ensure your employees and assets are protected.

Remotes & Keypads

Commercial garage door opener remotes and keypads provide security, safety and access into your facility. Commercial operators and access control systems vary depending on use. We provide card readers, exterior keypads, key fobs, and remotes for commercial and industrial application.

Our knowledgeable team can skillfully diagnose problems with your remotes and keypads. We will reprogram or replace inoperative devices if needed. Lean upon our expertise today!

WeWe offer a wide range of commercial garage door opener and access control entry devices. Our Medics stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Our team is happy to walk you through your options and find the best solution for your needs.

Automated Gates

Garage Door Medics works with commercial facilities and multi-family communities to ensure their automated gate systems are operationally sound, safe and maintained for proper traffic flow and reduction in liability for owners. Garage Door Medics services, repairs, and installs a wide variety of automated gates that are suitable for your industry and property.

We often talk to property managers and maintenance supervisors whose properties have had a recent telecommunications system upgrade. Competitors quote them on an entirely new system. Meanwhile, our Medics are able to diagnose component repair and upgrades over replacement, saving our customers time and thousands of dollars.

Connect with our commercial automated gate experts that will inspect for UL 325 compliance as well as service and repair your existing automatic gate system. Garage Door Medics also provides new automated gate openers if repair is not an option. We hold true to our motto and "We Only Recommend What You Need."

New Garage Doors

Our commercial garage doors are manufactured specially for your facilities needs. Whether you are a boatyard, storage facility, airplane hangar or shipping facility, Garage Door Medics will provide all options available for your industry.

Our complete product line of overhead doors is crafted to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Regardless of your industry or property, we will have the right door for you.

Rolling Grille Door

Rolling Sheet Door

Steel Gate Door

Sectional Door

Hangar Door

Full View Door

The Value of Using the Best Brands

With over 30 years of garage door experience, we have recognized and only use top quality products to give you peace of mind and your property a long-lasting system. We are proud to use mostly American Made products we can stand behind. We work with top manufacturers including Clopay, Martin, Amarr, Overhead Door, and LiftMaster® because of their higher quality components and safety features.

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