Access Control & Safety Devices

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Access Control & Safety Devices

There are a variety of access control and safety devices designed for efficiency and UL325 compliance for both commercial and industrial property applications. Automated gate customers typically use a remote and receiver and/or an external keypad for visitor entry.

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If a location has multiple entry points and/or multiple lanes of traffic, a guard gate with an additional barrier arm entry may be utilized along with a telephone entry system or a stand-alone telephone entry access point. Depending on the level of security and entry history, a CCTV system may also be installed.

Selecting the right product for your property depends on quite a few requirements including the number of users, security needs, residential vs commercial needs and open vs close needs during business hours and off-hours. There are also instances where customers have an analog system and need to update and/or get an accessory to convert to digital solutions with equipment such as telephone entry systems.

We work with manufacturers such as LiftMaster, DoorKing, Maximum, Apollo, Allstar, Linear, All-O-Matic, Miller Edge, Seco-Larm, Reno, Diablo Controls, Eagle, PTI, EMX and Ramset. Maintenance on these systems is evaluated during the maintenance of your entire automated vehicular gate system.

Commercial Photo Eyes

Access Control Devices & Accessories

  • Intercoms & CCTV
  • Card Readers
  • Keypads
  • Knox Boxes/Lock Boxes
  • Timers
  • Traffic Spikes
  • Warning Signs & Lights

Safety Devices & Accessories

  • Sensing Edge
  • Pneumatic Safety Edges
  • Photo Eyes
  • Ground Loops
  • Probes
  • Radar
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Access Control & Safety Devices Common Repairs

  • Breaks in ground loops – this will require cutting into asphalt or concrete to install new loops or probes can be installed depending on the site orientation.
  • Re-programing of telephone entry system or keypad.
  • Analog vs digital upgrades or replacement.
  • Replacement of safety eyes or re-alignment.
  • Replacement spring spikes, end caps or top.
  • Re-setting or replacing timers.
  • Replacement of Knox switch or microswitch.
  • Replacement of pneumatic safety edge and/or replacement of the coil cord.
  • Replacement of Miller Sensing Edge.
  • Probe and radar adjustments or replacements.