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Automated Vehicular Gates

Automated entry gates provide security to residential and commercial properties that regulate entry and, depending on the specific operating systems installed, monitor authorized users and visitors entering a property. Garage Door Medics repairs, services and installs gate operators for driveway gates, security gates and custom fabricated gates with a variety of access control and UL325 compliant safety devices.

Gate types include sliding gates, cantilever gates, swing gates, uphill swing gates, vertical lift gates, vertical pivot lift gates, bi-folding gates and barrier arm gates. Commercial properties can have just one gate or multiple gates such as entry gates, exit gates and parking garage gates.

Our commercial technicians can also inspect your site and advise on automating your existing manual gate. We partner with iron fabrication companies such as Morena Welding at our San Diego location to build and install gates that will enhance the curb appeal of your home or facility.

Automated vehicular gates

Sliding Automated Vehicular Gates

Sliding gates are the most common type of automated vehicular gate in light-duty commercial applications. Slide gates are mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and slide horizontally back and forth across the gate opening on a track with rollers on the bottom of the gate and v-groove wheels. Most sliding gates utilize a track and very few utilize cantilever operation. Cantilever gates are supported from rails that run along the inside of the fence structure and are used most commonly in industrial gate applications and require much more space than a slide gate.

Swing Automated Vehicular Gates

These gates are hinged on one side and are either singular or dual swing. Swing gates are ideal for areas where there is not enough room for a slide gate. They can swing inward or outward; it is recommended to have the gate swing away from incoming traffic into the property unless it is an uphill swing gate. If the driveway has a grade where the rise is 2” per foot or greater it is recommended the gate swing outwards for proper automated operation or install a slide gate.

When automating an uphill swing gate, the operator must have an articulated joint where it connects to the gate. Many Eagle, Ramset and LiftMaster swing arm style operators are available with this option. DoorKing operators can be used but need to be mounted on an angle. Please note that hydraulic or mechanical linear arm operators cannot be used for this application.

For dual swing gates, the gates operators themselves are often referred to as primary and secondary. It is important to note that if your gate operators are pre-UL 325 compliant and one of the circuit boards goes out, most manufacturers require that both circuit boards are replaced as the firmware has been updated on new units.

Automated Vertical Lift Gates or Vertical Pivot Lift Gates

For locations that have entrances with limited space on each side of the gate opening and also where a slide or swing gate will not work, vertical lift or vertical pivot lift gates may be a good option for gates up to 20ft in length. Some configurations of this type of automated gates utilize hydraulic lifts and some do not. Some types of facilities that have these installed that require high security are government facilities, correctional facilities, border stations, airports, military facilities and utility and energy facilities.

Commercial Barrier Arm Gates

Barrier arms are used on commercial, multi-housing, government and industrial properties to help with traffic flow and efficiency. They are used in parking lots, parking garages and HOA community applications for continuous use and can be set up as a one-way lane or for two-way traffic. Access control options for setup include a guard or kiosk station, telephone entry system, keypad and card readers. Barrier arms are available in lengths of 6’ to 30’ long and require minimal maintenance. Manufacturers include Apollo, DoorKing, FAAC, LiftMaster, and Linear to name a few.

Commercial Automated Gate Common Repairs

  • Power supply issues (electrician needed).
  • Backup battery replacement.
  • Connectivity with access control and/or key fob systems.
  • Misaligned photo eye.
  • Damage to the track.
  • Chain replacement.
  • Operator belts.
  • Receivers and remotes.
  • Relays.
  • Timer settings and/or replacement.
  • Knox switches.
  • Transformers.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Switches.
  • Circuit boards and surge suppressors.
  • Actuator arm or barrier arm repair or replacement.
  • Guides and rollers.
  • V-Groove wheels.
  • Loop detectors, probes and radars.
  • Chain tensioner bolt.
  • Chain idler assembly.
  • Updating equipment to UL325 compliance for vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Commercial Automated Gate Maintenance

  • Inspect for excess wear or stress on the gate operating devices.
  • Inspect for proper alignment and security.
  • Check brackets for secure mounting.
  • Check track (if slide gate) for secure mounting.
  • Oil or grease rollers, bearings, hinges or moving parts as needed.
  • Inspect the chain or belt for slack and adjust tension if needed.
  • Oil or grease the chain.
  • Inspect all sprockets and pulleys for alignment, tighten set screws as needed and inspect for missing keys in keyways.
  • Inspect belts for excessive wear.
  • Inspect electrical connections (all electrical work to be performed by a licensed electrician).
  • Inspect all safety devices for proper operation.
  • Cycle the gate operator to ensure smooth operation.
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  • Albany Brand
  • Automatic Gate Opener
  • C.H.I Overhead Garage Doors
  • Clopay Building Products
  • Cookson Brand
  • Diablo Brand
  • Door King Brand
  • Elika Brand
  • Enforcer Brand
  • Horman Brand
  • Janus International Brand
  • Lawrence Brand
  • Lift Master Brand
  • Miller Edge Brand
  • Nice E Micana Brand
  • Nortex Brand
  • Porvene Brand
  • PTI Security Systems Brand
  • RS Manufacturing Brand
  • amset Brand
  • Raynor Garage Doors Brand
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