Commercial Safety Features

Commercial Garage Door Security Equipment

Commercial Safety Features

Garage Door Medics offers security and safety features from top commercial manufacturers for commercial garage door systems. Commercial safety and security devices help to prevent injuries, asset damage and theft. Oftentimes we come across commercial facilities that do not have up-to-date required safety equipment. Without proper devices, liability increases for the property owner. Call us to schedule a site evaluation to ensure you are safety compliant.

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Don’t leave safety to chance. Each year there are far too many workplace accidents involving industrial and commercial garage doors. We service, repair and install all safety equipment, including cycle counters, safety eyes, loop detectors, safety edges, and safety entrapment devices.

Commercial and industrial garage doors are often overlooked by facility safety committees and programs as a threat. Overhead garage door systems are heavy, large, high-speed and used often in high traffic areas that include people and vehicles. All of these could suffer catastrophic situations. We provide preventative maintenance programs to ensure your employees and assets are protected.