Garage Door Maintenance in Denver’s Extreme Weather

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We all know how much Denver’s weather can fluctuate. If you like a mix of seasons, from sunny weather to massive temperature swings and the occasional blizzard, Denver is the place to be. But will your garage door like these weather shifts? Some days will be nice and warm – somewhere in the 80s. With little warning, weather can suddenly drop into the 40s the following day. These temperature swings can have a serious impact on your garage door. We all take care of our bodies to protect it against the elements. When it’s sunny we put on sunscreen. When it’s cold and windy in Denver we make sure we put on lip balm and skin lotions so we don’t dry out. Shouldn’t we do the same for our garage doors?

Garage Door Medics believes in preventative maintenance to combat unexpected repairs due to fluctuating temperatures. The amount of garage door use often determines how often you need maintenance. The more you open and close your garage door, commonly referred to in the industry as cycles, the more regular maintenance you require. Your garage door will run very smooth and quiet throughout the year with proper care and maintenance.

What are the Benefits to Proper Garage Door Weather Stripping?

The weather-stripping that pads at the bottom of the garage door can get cracked and hard due to temperature changes. This causes an incomplete seal when the garage door closes, allowing for the elements, dirt and debris to get in your garage. Check to make sure it’s not too tight or the door may malfunction. If the stripping has become too loose, you may have to replace it. A weather-tight garage door can prevent the outdoor cold from getting into your garage and keeps it cool in the hotter months, saving you money! Call Garage Door Medics to replace your weather seal and ensure you’ve taken the proper precautions for your garage door in Denver weather.

Why Replace Garage Door Rollers?

Have you ever opened your garage door and the noise is so loud it wakes up your kids who are sleeping inside? When you close the garage door, can you visibly see it shake as it slowly closes? These issues can all arise from worn out garage door rollers. A typical garage door has about ten to twelve rollers. Hiring a professional to replace all ten or twelve rollers, can cost anywhere from $100-$200. This is a home improvement investment. Homeowners notice an immediate difference in the sound, smoothness, and speed in which their garage door operates.

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The Importance of Garage Door Springs

No one wants to be stranded in their garage because of a broken garage door spring! Don’t forget that all of the mechanical parts also need lubrication. This is especially true for the springs. Garage door springs operate under a lot of tension. Well-oiled springs help to extend their lives and reduce costly replacements. Garage door springs are the most common component of the garage door needing service or replacement. While some believe this is a good project to try on their own, at Garage Door Medics, we know that replacing garage door springs should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional. We offer same day emergency service 24/7 because a spring can break at any given time. We have professional licensed and bonded technicians available and ready to make sure a broken spring doesn’t leave you stranded in your garage.

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Advantages of a Garage Door Battery Backup

Simply put, we often forget the convenience of opening and closing our garage door. Until the time comes when a sudden snow blizzard or thunderstorm knocks out the power and your opener no longer opens the door. Check the cord in times of doubt when you need to open the door from the inside. Every automatic garage door opener has a cord hanging down from the rail that allows you to raise and lower the door manually in case of an opener malfunction. Test the cord to make sure you can manually open your garage door. To prevent being unable to get in your garage, you may want to consider a garage door opener with a battery backup so that your door will open even when the power is out. A battery backup is a simple precaution that can save you from being stuck outside your home in severe weather.

Replacing Your Garage Door Remote Control Battery

Last, but not least, don’t forget about your garage door remote. Have you changed the battery in the remote control? If you notice that your garage is slow to open or close when you push the button on your remote, it may be time to change the battery. You don’t want to come home and not be able to open the garage door because the battery was not changed in time. Changing the garage door remote control battery can even save you money in the long run. Some may think to call a garage door company because they think their remote control is broken. Some service calls can be costly and you can get charged around $100 just for a technician to come out. Save yourself the money and try replacing the batteries first!

Why We Should Be Your Denver Garage Door Company

Be proactive and don’t wait for the break to happen. We know garage doors and the impact Denver’s weather can have on them. Hopefully these tips have helped you become more aware on what it takes to keep your garage door running smoothly. If you have any questions we offer helpful, friendly, 24/7 service on every call. Call us at (720) 707-0311 to keep your business or home garage door operational in our beautiful city!

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