How to Best Prepare your Garage Door for Monsoon Season

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As hard as it is to believe, monsoon season in Arizona is quickly approaching. The official start of the season is June 15th and ends on September 30th. This gives you roughly two month for preparation. Monsoon season consists of high humidity which can lead to thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain, hail, high winds, flash flooding, dust storms, and extreme heat. Another name commonly thrown around during the monsoon season is haboob. A haboob is the largest and most dangerous type of sandstorm, consisting of wind, dust, or sand and lasting up to three hours. These haboobs occur around three times during the monsoon season. When this season approaches, the question of “Can my house brave the weather conditions?” always comes to mind.

Without realizing it, your garage door seems to be the main point of access to your house and should be maintained and prepared for all weather conditions. With less than a couple months until the start of the season, here are some things to check regarding your garage door before it’s too late.

How important are garage door maintenance checks?

Getting your garage door inspected and maintained at least twice a year ensures that your garage door is ready for anything. The crazy monsoon weather conditions can have a major impact on your door.

During the season, high winds are very common, resulting in serious damage when winds get more violent. High winds can cause garage door panels to bend and warp. This is a hazard because it leaves your garage unable to function properly, refusing to close or open properly Most people use their garage as a parking space for their vehicle, but many also use it for storage. Leaving your door open to this type of exposure can lead to your valuable items being stolen. Garage Door Medics has found that regular garage door maintenance twice a year can prevent costly repairs and ensure you garage door is operating normally. One of our licensed, bonded and skilled Medics can perform a 25-point inspection to oversee all aspects of your  garage door to reassure your garage is safe and secure before monsoon season begins. Here at Garage Door Medics, safety is key.

Battery Backup in Openers

Having a battery backup for your garage door opener is crucial in Arizona, especially during the monsoon season. Making sure your garage door opener is working fully and at all times is very important, but what most people overlook is the idea of having a backup battery. 

A garage door opener battery backup provides homeowners the assurance that in the event of a power outage, your garage door opener will still be functional. Battery backups are usually chargeable and powered via a connector cable which means there is no need for it to be plugged into an outlet. This prevents any other hazardous situations from happening such as the frying of wires and fire hazards. In the event of a lightning strike, and your garage door circuit board is fried, your garage door will still be able to open and close.

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There are also garage door openers that include a battery backup and are wifi enabled. This allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Although this feature may seem unnecessary, it is one that is often overlooked despite it allowing you to get notifications to your mobile device, ensuring the status of your garage door. The wifi garage door opener with a backup battery allows you to be at ease, while away from the house because you’ll be alerted when something is wrong with your garage door.

Surge Protectors

Arizona can see up to 600,000 lightning strikes a year. Lightning strikes can cause power outages, fires, and even cause major appliances to be fried do to an electrical surge. A surge is a fluctuation in power that often destroys the microprocessor that then causes your appliance to be destroyed. Some garage door openers already have built-in surge protection but will eventually wear down and require a surge protector. Replacing a garage door opener could cost a lot more than just purchasing a surge protector. Surge protection is a preventative measure that is affordable and worth the money in the long run.

Helpful Tips to Brave the Monsoon Season

The crazy weather conditions are not only a hazard to your garage door, but also a hazard to your own safety. Here are some other helpful tips to get you through the season.

  • Try to stay inside while thunderstorms and other weather conditions are happening
  • Stay off the roads to avoid dust storms and flash flooding
  • Try to create a water channel around your house so that the rain will not cause any flooding
  • Beware of storm repair scams. These scammers often offer cheap home repairs after a monsoon storm. Be sure to check and see if that particular business is properly licensed and seems to be in good standing with their previous customers

For any more help regarding garage doors and repairs, be sure to give us a call. At Garage Door Medics, we only recommend what you need. We promise to put people first and provide affordable, safe, and secure garage doors and services.

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