Garage Door Rollers & Cables

About Garage Door Rollers & Cables

Garage Door Rollers & Cables

Your garage door’s functionality is more complicated than they look. Critical components like rollers and cables shouldn’t be serviced by anyone other than trained garage door professionals like our Medics. If you need repair or replacement, we can help.

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Signs of Broken Rollers & Cables

Because garage doors are more complicated than many people realize, the underlying reason for a problem may not always be obvious. Broken springs, drums, rollers, and cables are all interconnected, and each part has a specific effect on the other. On the surface, a broken garage door spring may not be the reason your door won’t open.

This is why calling an expert is so important. At Garage Door Medics, we know the intricacies of each component and how they relate to one another. Just like an experienced car mechanic, we will be able to quickly identify what is wrong and take the appropriate steps to fix it. We diagnose and solve big problems, but we can also repair the little problems that may have contributed to the larger issue.

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When to Call Garage Door Medics

If you think your rollers, cables, or any other garage door part may be broken, avoid using your garage door until it can be repaired by an expert. Most cable replacements may seem relatively simple, but there may be an underlying cause for cable failure and you need a trained eye to identify the cause.

Garage Door Medics offers same-day service to properly diagnose and fix your garage door. Don’t try and do it yourself when it comes to broken garage door issues. The risks far outweigh the benefits. Serious injury may occur from a defective garage door with broken cables and garage door torsion springs.

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Our Promise to You

We are not simply a garage door company, but a people company. We stand by the products and services we offer, and we treat every customer with warmth, empathy, and compassion. We have nearly 30 years of experience servicing and repairing garage doors, and we promise to always treat our valued customers with humility and respect. We simply love exceeding our customers’ expectations time and time again.

We Only Recommend What You Need

Our company operates under the highest principles of integrity. “We only recommend what you need” is the motto we live by, and it is the promise that is upheld by each of our Medics.

Accommodation and Quality

We use only the highest quality garage door rollers, cables, and springs. At Garage Door Medics, we work hard to make sure your garage door keeps working properly for years to come.