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Installation, Parts, and Garage Door Repair in Denver

Garage Door Medics has been providing top garage door repair to San Diego and the surrounding area since 1990. We put an emphasis on fast, friendly service and quality garage door services. So you can be sure that our technicians are providing your home with the best experience. From garage door installation to garage door repair, we have the skills to make sure your door functions at its best long term.

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Garage Door Medics Service and Repair

Founded in 1990, Garage Door Medics has become the highest rated and reviewed garage door company in the US by providing superior customer service. We have served Denver with garage door repair and installation for many years. This means we have learned the challenges of living with extreme fluctuations in temperature. As temperatures rise and fall, your door’s various metal components become prone to damage. Because of these environmental conditions, we believe in repair over replacement and preventative maintenance. This has helped us stay true to our motto to “Only Recommend What You Need.” So if you need garage door repair in any of the following Denver areas, please let us know!

Parts and Maintenance

Over years of daily use, garage doors can show signs of wear and tear. Garage Door Medics’ experienced and local technicians are there for you in times of crisis. When your garage door won’t open or is off track, call someone you can trust. We stay stocked with high cycle rollers, springs, cables, and more to replace any of your garage door parts. No matter the issue with your residential or commercial door, we can provide you with a quality repair at an affordable price. Beyond, just parts repair or replacement, we also complete maintenance. After all, a healthy working garage door can always benefit from preventative maintenance to halt costly garage door repairs and spot small issues before they become major problems.

Automatic Gates

With the increasing number of apartment renters living in the mile high city, automatic gates are just as common an entry as a residential garage door. Here at Garage Door Medics, we install, repair, and service automatic gate openers. We can also set up your gate with the best entry solutions from keypads to smart openers. Whether you want a parking garage gate, sliding gate, swing gate or vertical lift gate, call Garage Door Medics. We can make sure your commercial entry systems are managed and maintained efficiently.

Garage Door Repair Denver

Garage Door Repair

A garage door spring can break at any time, and it’s never convenient. Extreme changes in temperature can cause damage to your door over time, potentially breaking springs and preventing your door from opening or even getting stuck frozen to the floor. Garage Door Medics offers garage door repair to assist you when these problems occur. For both residential and commercial services, we offer low service rates. We charge a $99 service fee for the visit in addition to the standard labor and parts fees for residential properties. For commercial doors, there is a $258 charge for the first hour and $158 plus parts for the following hours. 

Garage Door Installation

With so many unique visual designs and styles to choose from, upgrading to a new garage door can be difficult to navigate. We suggest steel doors for Denver homeowners, because they can be insulated to combat the extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh winter cold. Insulation is key to warmer homes once temperatures begin to drop. An insulated door helps to keep cold air out and the warm air in, ensuring that your car can start up in the morning. Investing in a properly insulated door can also reduce your annual electrical bill.

However, beyond just steel doors, we also offer wood, fiberglass, and aluminum garage doors in traditional, carriage, and modern styles. To learn more about your garage door options and the benefits of each, click here. Contact us for a free estimate on a new garage door or panel replacement to find which option is best for you.

Smart Garage Doors

To increase the value of your property, a smart garage door may be a good investment to secure your property. A smart system gives you the power to control who enters your home, schedule your door to automatically open and close, and even more! Best of all, you can utilize any of the smart skills from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. Instead of struggling with your aging garage door system or worrying about replacing batteries, choose to upgrade your door with a smart garage door opener.

Commercial & Residential Garage Door Repair

Whether you are a business owner, property manager or residential homeowner, we are here to serve you. We provide excellent residential and commercial garage door repair services for your convenience. While other companies are quick to suggest entire door system replacements, our experienced technicians can determine if a repair can get your system back up and running. We prioritize preventative maintenance and repair, as this helps to save you both time and money. Schedule an appointment with us today for a thorough assessment of your doors or gates.

Garage Door Maintenance

Regular annual maintenance for your garage door will help prevent costly repairs down the road. At Garage Door Medics, our signature annual maintenance check-up is the best way to maintain the largest moving door in your home. In particular, our tune-ups focus on three major goals: ensure balance, check hardware, and tighten/adjust. To meet these goals, we complete a 25-point inspection that analyzes all aspects of your garage door and opener. During the inspection, our technicians will identify any issues with your garage door, fixing your issue on the spot. Let us complete a thorough preventative maintenance plan to ensure your door operates at its best.


Why We Love Denver

Since we started in 1990, Garage Door Medics has grown to serve 5 states and 9 total service areas. Denver is one of our Medics’ favorite cities to help homeowners and businesses with all their garage door needs.

Why do we love the Mile High City so much? The family values and wholesomeness of the area is one reason. Denver is constantly bustling with outdoor activities year-round. We could also talk about the 5,000+ acres of parks, trails, ski resorts, golf courses and other recreational spaces throughout the city. Denver boasts a thriving arts and music scene with historic theaters converted into music venues, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre is beyond legendary. These are just a few of the reasons why Denver residents’ quality of life is high. It’s no wonder that U.S. News & World Report ranked Denver #3 on its list of Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2018. This is no small feat!

Still, the main reason we love Denver is the people. Whether you’ve lived in the Mile High City all your life or you’ve recently moved there, Garage Door Medics is proud to bring Denver garage door repair, service, maintenance, and installation services. Don’t be surprised when you see one of our garage door service vans driving around Downtown Denver or cruising through the Highlands. When you need us most, we’ll be there!

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Garage Door Medics serves the Denver, CO area with excellent garage door repair and replacement services. For both residential and commercial properties, we have the experience and resources necessary to make sure your job is done right. Beyond just garage doors, we also install and service automatic gate openers. Contact us for more information about the garage door and opener services we provide to Denver!