What To Consider In New Garage Doors

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What Should You Consider For New Garage Doors?

If your home has been around for quite a few years and the garage door is shaking, squealing, or showing other signs of malfunctioning, you might want to consider new garage doors. Sure, you can look into repairs, but sometimes, a new garage door is the right investment. Once you install the new garage doors, they will be in your home for years. You need to consider how you want it to look and operate in order to get just what you need for your home. Here are some factors to keep in mind.

What Level Of Security Do You Want?

Your new garage doors can range in the level of security they provide and security is often very important to homeowners. New sectional garage doors are much more secure than traditional swing-up garage doors. Windows can let natural light in your garage but may also allow someone to see into your garage and potentially figure out how to pull the emergency release cord. Reinforced glass, frosted glass or no windows at all are the best when considering garage door security.

What Safety Elements Do You Need?

You want your garage door to be safe, but there are extra things to consider if you have children or pets. Many manufacturers carry pinch-proof door panels to ensure fingers don’t get smashed when opening or closing the door manually. Many of the safety elements that you’re looking for depends on the opener that you choose to install.

What Material Do You Want?

Garage doors come in steel, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and other materials. The materials are more than just an appearance, though that is a factor as well. You also want to think about their maintenance needs and their security levels. People who want the highest visual appeal will often opt for wood garage doors, but wood also takes the most maintenance. Steel is the most common material in new garage doors and the least expensive. Fiberglass is highly durable, but can also crack in colder climates. Aluminum works well in heavy rain regions since it won’t rust and vinyl is new to garage doors but is durable and low maintenance. Ultimately, the decision between materials on new garage doors is all yours.

What Will The Motor Be Like?

The motor is what runs the garage door and the horsepower matters if you have a large, heavy door. Consider a higher horsepower rating if you’re going with a heavy door. You can go lower if the door is lightweight.

Work With The Best In New Garage Doors

You will also want to consider your budget as well as overall aesthetics and many other factors. In order to get everything straight, it is best to work with professionals who won’t steer you wrong. Contact Garage Door Medics to get a wide selection of new garage doors for you to consider. We never recommend anything you don’t need and when it comes to finding new garage doors, we only carry the best.

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