5 Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs To Be Replaced

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When we use a garage door opener to open the garage door, we fully expect it to open correctly, and the door to stay in the open position until we close it, and to close securely. But, how do we know when there is a problem and that our garage door opener may need to be replaced?

The Garage Door Opener Won’t Open or Close the Garage

This can mean that the door is off track or stuck. A good way to know is to watch the door when you push the button on your garage door opener, commanding it to open or shut. When the door is closing, does it stay even, or start coming down crooked? If out of level, leave it alone, and call a professional! Trying to right a door that has come off track can make the problem worse, and possibly cause the door further damage resulting in the garage door needing to be replaced, If left alone, a garage door technician can usually put it back on track with little damage to the door. A door off track almost always looks far more damaged than it really is.

If the door is stuck, it will usually still move a bit. That slight budge does not secure your garage, but it tells your garage door technician that the command is going from the controller to the door. Your technician will inspect your garage door opener and will determine if it needs to be adjusted or if the opener is malfunctioning.

The Garage Door Is Stuck In The Open Position

This is a usually sign that the garage door is either jammed, or the opener is defective, but can also be a simple safety device adjustment. Call a professional, and they can usually give you tips, or set up a service appointment. The garage door stuck in the open position can be a danger to your family. Also, many burglars enter homes through the garage door or take belongings.  A good practice is to ensure that your door from the garage into the home has a locking door, deadbolts are recommended.

Another concern is if the garage door suddenly closes on its own or falls shut from its position. This can damage property, including your car or the garage door itself. Not to mention, that the door can fall on a person or pet, potentially causing a serious injury.

The Garage Door Opener Makes It Close, But Then It Opens Again

This can mean the garage door is malfunctioning. However, it can also mean that the photo eye is dirty, damaged, or displaced. If it is the photo eye, a garage door technician may be able to inspect and repair the problem. A technician can also advise you if the garage door opener itself is the problem and may possibly require a complete replacement.

The Garage Is Making Strange And Loud Noises

A garage door opener does not suddenly start making loud noises without cause. If you hear grinding, metal scraping, and other sounds that you have not heard before, that is a pretty good indication that the garage door opener has a problem and may need to be replaced.

The Garage Door Stalls

The door sometimes opens, other times it stalls. It seems to overheat and have a mind of its own. These are signs that the garage door opener needs to be replaced.

If your garage door opener is having any of the issues mentioned above, or if the garage door has aged and not been inspected in the past year, you should have a technician come by and inspect the garage door and the garage door opener.

It is always less costly to repair and maintain a garage door opener than it is to replace one. Garage Door Medics stays true to our motto “We Only Recommend What You Need”.

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