What Is Included With An Annual Garage Door Maintenance Check?

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Scheduling Annual Garage Door Maintenance

There are some items in your house that you automatically maintain without thinking too much about it. You likely have an annual check-up on your HVAC system, for example. And perhaps you even have someone come in and take a look at your pipes and plumbing. But one thing you might not have thought about setting up is a garage door maintenance check-up. This is something that should also be done on a yearly basis in order to maintain your garage door or fix anything that is about to go wrong. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you get during a garage door maintenance check.

Check For Worn Parts

When you have an annual check, your technician is able to take a look at the various parts that operate the door and see if they are wearing down. Rather than let those parts break and leave you with a garage door emergency, anything that is worn can be replaced before a problem arises.

Check The Garage Door Balance

The balance within your garage door is very important. Since it is used several times every single day and it is a rather heavy device, things can easily get thrown off, even a little bit. If the balance is lined up properly, great. If not, the garage door maintenance check will make adjustments to keep the door operating smoothly for the next year or longer.

Lubricate Moving Parts

No moving parts and springs will operate forever without attention. They can get rusty or simply snap or stop working. Your garage door maintenance check will take care of these parts so nothing bad will happen to them. The lubrication ensures that they will keep working and that they will give you the efficiency you need to operate your garage door.

Ensure Overall Operation Safety

Garage doors are large moving objects that you need to work well for convenience sake, but that you also need to work well to ensure safety. You need your children, pets, and yourself as well as your vehicles to remain safe around the garage door. You can ensure that the springs are in good condition and not in danger of snapping when you get garage door maintenance. These safety checks are important to the integrity and lifespan of the door as well.

Tighten And Tune

There are a number of parts on any garage door and the fasteners, hinges, and tracks can all be tightened and tuned during the garage door maintenance check. This tune-up helps ensure that your door will operate both efficiently and effectively for the next year.

Call Today About Garage Door Maintenance Checks

If you are ready to get the garage door maintenance check set up, contact Garage Door Medics to set up an appointment or ask more about what the check-up entails. Garage doors are complicated systems and they are better when they are stronger. The garage door maintenance check can give you the peace of mind that your garage door is in perfect working order for all of your needs.

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