Garage Door Spring Repair & Installation

Garage Door Spring Repair & Installation

Garage Door Spring Repair & Installation

Garage doors are able to move due to a counterbalance system that usually consists of a torsion spring. We often find incorrect springs have been installed which result in an unsafe door that you may not be able to open manually when needed. The balance of your garage door should be tested annually to reduce wear on your garage door opener and ensure it can be opened if a situation arises.

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Because of the dangers involved with torsion springs, garage door spring repair and installation should only be done by experienced professionals like our Medics.

At Garage Door Medics, we carry the nine most popular garage door springs to ensure the quickest repair service possible. We will always provide you with a written quote before ordering your new springs. No matter what condition your garage door system is in, we’re here to help!

About Broken Garage Door Springs

Springs are one of the primary components in all garage door systems. Torsion springs are usually mounted horizontally over the door opening. As the door closes, cables add tension to the springs and as the door opens that tension is released. The opening of the door causes the springs to unwind in conjunction with the weight coming off the door. This achieves a natural buoyancy. However, as the door moves up and down over time and the cycle count rises, the steel in the torsion springs will grow weak and will no longer be able to create energy or lift your garage door.

The average lifespan of torsion springs is determined by its cycle count. Garage Door Medics provides springs with an average of 25,000 cycles and we can provide custom size springs for any door. The industry standard is 10,000 cycles. When a garage door is used more frequently, the springs may not last as long. If you begin to see signs of wear, it’s time to give Garage Door Medics a call!

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The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Spring Repair

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that about 30,000 injuries linked to garage doors are now reported every year in the United States. Many of these injuries have involved bruised or broken extremities. However, some have included serious shoulder, back, and head injuries leading to permanent disability or even death. What is the cause of these garage door injuries? One leading cause has been homeowners trying to repair or replace their own garage door springs.

Garage door torsion springs in particular are the most dangerous. These springs create powerful energy and are designed to lift up to 800-pound doors.

When it comes to broken garage doors, DIY (“do-it-yourself”) repair is never the safest or best option. Proper installation, routine maintenance, and regular inspections at the hands of seasoned professionals are extremely important. That’s where we can help.

About Broken Garage Door Springs

We look out for the safety of our customers and their families. That’s why we do not sell garage door torsion springs separately to consumers, and it’s also why we recommend putting your broken garage door in the hands of our experienced technicians. At Garage Door Medics, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We have completed thousands of garage door installations and spring repairs, and we make sure they are done safely and with the right springs for your garage door system.

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We have a motto that we live by: “We only recommend what you need.” We treat customers with honesty and respect, and will provide the best customer experience in the garage door industry.

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We install torsion springs correctly and safely the first time. We also provide garage door repair service and guarantee quality work. It’s why we’ve been in business for almost 30 years!