Why a Smart Garage Door Opener?

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Today, technology has made it safer and more convenient to live our lives. Not only has it changed the way we communicate with each other, homes and garage doors are becoming smarter as well. There are advanced technology options Garage Door Medics offers, the LiftMaster MyQ®, has many useful features for monitoring and securing our garage for superior residential safety. This spring, you can save big on Liftmaster garage door openers. We offer same day service with skilled technicians that are licensed, bonded and fully stocked vans with openers to suit your specific needs.  

Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Your garage is often the most neglected part of your home despite being the largest moving door you have. The garage is where you keep some of your most valuable possessions secure. Luckily homeowners can choose smart garage door openers with premium safety features. 

smart garage door openersThese features can give you piece of mind. Whether you want a security camera with night vision, or simply need a notification every time someone opens your garage door, your smart garage door opener will help you monitor your home 24/7. Choosing smart technology allows you to let people in your garage, and effectively keep them out.By using the corresponding application LiftMaster comes with, MyQ, you can control your garage or gate from anywhere. With a Nest cam in the garage, you can view live footage directly from your smartphone, and you will even get a notification when motion is detected.

Make Your Life Easier

As adults, we all experience stressful mornings. If you happen to forget to close the garage door while on your way to work, it can be closed easily with the press of a button. The system will notify you when it detects suspicious activity or if you forgot to close your garage door. It is also incredibly convenient for package theft prevention, as you can let the mail driver deliver an important package while you are away from home. Among all the many benefits a smart garage door opener offers, convenience, safety and security for your family is worth every penny. Having an intuitive garage door opener means you’ll have less to worry about. If you are stuck at the office, and your kids forgot their keys; you can let them in from anywhere with a smart garage door opener.

You would be astonished about how much less demanding your life can be when you have the internal operations of your home from the palm of your hands on your cell phone. Downloading the MyQ app on your phone can simplify your life. Another great feature the smart garage door opener offers is wireless installation. This means no extra wiring to the garage door opener. The Wi-Fi hub is placed on the ceiling near your garage door opener, while the door sensor will be on the top panel of the inside of your garage door.

You may feel you’re not a tech savvy person, and that’s alright; the smart garage door is easy to install, and designed to be even easier to use. Garage Door Medics technicians are always fully stocked with Liftmaster openers and make the installation process a breeze. The application that comes with the smart garage door opener lets you open and close the garage door from anywhere in the world, and even check the status, as you might have forgotten to close the door.

Smart openers can range in capabilities, some are fairly basic and others have additional features and advanced security capabilities. Basic smart openers simply have the ability to open and close your garage door from your smartphone. More advanced models give you the option to control additional garage doors and house gates, while also giving you access to monitor the activity inside of your garage. If you’re main priority is garage door security and safety, a smart garage door opener is a great investment.

Learn More about Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’re interested in learning more about smart garage door openers or have a specific interest in the LiftMaster MyQ® system, get in touch with Garage Door Medics to discuss your home’s needs today.

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