Steps on How to Reset a Garage Door Code

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Your garage keeps your vehicle and other cherished belongings safe from thieves, natural elements, and more. That’s why it’s vital to have a secure garage door code that only you and your family know. Unfortunately, many Denver residents don’t understand how to reset a garage door code once their old one falls into the wrong hands. 

For this reason, Garage Door Medics put together an informative guide to teach you how to reset your garage door code swiftly with minimal effort. 

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The Importance of Resetting Your Garage Door Code

Most Denver garages contain numerous valuables like cars, tools, and other personal belongings. A secure garage door code prevents your items from falling into the wrong hands by locking out unwanted guests, giving your possessions an extra layer of security. 

Your garage door opener or remote control enables you to open and close your garage with the press of a few buttons. Without it, you’ll have to get out of your car and manually open your garage every time you return home after a long day at the office. Garage door codes also allow you to open your garage door from the outside, making things more convenient for you and your family. 

However, sometimes people forget their garage door code and lock themselves out after entering the wrong passcode too many times. Crafty thieves can also hack or steal garage door codes, putting your belongings at risk. The only way to overcome these issues is to reset your code.

How to Reset a Garage Door Code Using a Remote Control

Nearly all electric garage doors come with a remote control known as the garage door opener. It’s harder to reset your garage door code with the remote than directly at the keypad. However, it’s important to know how to reset your garage door code in multiple ways, so we will first cover the garage door opener process.

Step One: Remove the Cover

Start by removing the garage door opener’s cover. Most covers come off somewhat easily and don’t require tools. Slide the cover panel off using your thumbs to expose the remote’s interior. 

If you have trouble removing your garage door opener’s cover, place a small flathead screwdriver at the end of the remote and gently apply pressure until the cover panel slides off.

Step Two: Compare the Switches’ Positions

Once you remove the remote’s cover, you will notice a few interior switches. Take note of their position and how they reflect your pre-existing garage door code.

Step Three: Reset the Switches

After examining the interior switches’ positioning, reset them to match your new password. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if done correctly.

Step Four: Access the Motor

Next, position a ladder underneath your garage’s motor and remove the cover panel. It should slip off like your remote control’s cover, giving you access to the motor’s interior switches. The switches should look like the ones in the garage door opener.

Step Five: Reposition the Motor’s Interior Switches

Finally, carefully reposition the motor’s switches to match the ones in the garage door opener. Both mechanisms must have the same switch pattern. If they don’t, you will have to repeat the process. 

If done correctly, your garage door will open and close every time you enter your new passcode using the remote.

How to Reset a Garage Door Code Using a Keypad

Resetting your garage door code through the keypad is a bit easier than the remote control process. The process is as follows.

Step One: Access the Garage Door’s Motor

Position a stepladder under your garage door’s motor so you can access its control panel.

Step Two: Reset the Motor

Once you have access to the motor, look for the reset button and hold it down until the light next to it turns off. It shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. Doing this erases the motor’s data, allowing you to reset your passcode.

Step Three: Enter Your New Code

After you wipe the motor’s memory, hold the reset button down again until the light turns on. The light indicates keypad activation, allowing you to enter your new garage door passcode. 

Next, climb down the ladder and enter your new passcode using the garage door keypad. If the motor accepts your new code, its light will start blinking. 

After that, make your way back to the motor and hold its button down until the light becomes static. Continue holding the button until the light turns off entirely.

Step Four: Reprogram the Remote and Wireless Keypads

Finally, put up the ladder and grab your wireless keypads and garage door openers. Many people have multiple remotes, so ensure you grab them all to sync them with the motor and new password. 

After that, hold down the remote’s reset button until the motor’s light blinks again. The blinking light signifies that your password has reset successfully. Continue the process with your other remotes and wireless keypads until they are all updated.


How Often Should I Change My Garage Door Code?

It depends on how much traffic your garage has. If you have a large family that frequently brings friends through the garage, you may want to change it every few months. We advise changing your garage door code at least every six months.

How Long Does It Take to Change Your Garage Door Code?

If you follow all the instructions listed above, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Why Should I Change My Garage Door Password Somewhat Frequently?

There are multiple reasons why you should change your garage door password every six months. Below are just some of the reasons to change your garage keycode.

You Recently Had Your Garage or Home Serviced

Sometimes homeowners give their codes to home improvement services to gain access to their garage. Although most professional services won’t try to break into your home, it’s always a good idea to update your garage code once they finish their work. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You Recently Moved into Your Home

One of the first things you should do when you move into a new home is reset the garage door passcode. This change will prevent the previous homeowner and anyone with the old passcode from entering your garage.

Someone Stole Your Remote or Hacked Your System

Always change your garage door passcode immediately if you suspect someone stole your remote or hacked your system. Waiting too long to change the passcode will increase your chances of break-ins, theft, and other unfavorable situations.

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