How Well Do You Know the Garage Door Fundamentals

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Garage doors are essential fixtures to any home, providing security and convenience. While you likely interact with garage doors daily, you may not know much about the different types of doors and the parts they use. This article will help by covering the garage door fundamentals and recommending the top garage door repair specialist in Lakeside, CA.

Fortunately, residents of California can always rely on Garage Door Medics for rapid and affordable garage door maintenance and installation. With years of experience addressing stuck or damaged garage doors, our team can quickly diagnose the problem with your opening system and provide efficient garage door service. In addition, if replacement is necessary, our team will help you find a garage door that meets your budget and needs.

Types of Garage Doors

If you’re considering replacing the garage door in your Lakeside home, the first step is to choose the type of door you want. There are two basic types of garage doors, which offer different advantages. The following sections of this article will explain the differences between outward and overhead garage door designs. 

Overhead Opening

The most common type of modern garage door in American homes is the overhead opening variety. Installation companies construct these doors out of separate panels, allowing the door to flex backward when opened. This feature allows the door to slide on rails back into the ceiling area of the garage, saving significant space.

Outward Opening

Outward opening doors are the traditional style of garage doors, made up of one solid piece of material. When this door opens, it extends directly outward, meaning that there must be sufficient space for the door to open. While this type of door offers reduced convenience compared to overhead options, the seamless appearance they create is appealing to some homeowners. 

Garage Door Materials

Once you’ve chosen the type of garage door you have, the next step is selecting a material. The material you choose for your garage door affects safety, insulation, and style, so thoroughly weighing the options is essential. In the following few sections, we’ll discuss the available materials for garage doors and the reasons for choosing each one. 


A truly timeless material, homeowners still commonly use wood as a material for garage doors. Although this material offers less durability than competing options, it provides compelling aesthetic appeal. For homeowners striving for a rustic style of exterior decor, a wooden garage door can be an excellent finishing touch.


If durability is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with a steel garage door. As an exceptionally resilient material, steel resists wind and impact very well, allowing homeowners to save money on repairs and maintenance. These garage doors also mesh beautifully with minimalist or modern design aesthetics, offering sleek lines and style. 


Another excellent option for homeowners choosing a material for their new garage door is vinyl. As a versatile and affordable material, vinyl can be a cost-effective alternative to other options like metal or wood. In addition, manufacturers produce vinyl panels that effectively imitate the appearance of varying materials, so homeowners can use vinyl garage doors to complete any exterior look.

Garage Door Components

If you’re considering a garage door replacement, knowing about the components is crucial to understanding the garage door fundamentals. While these fixtures may seem simple, multiple parts have to work together perfectly for the door to operate smoothly.  


Smooth hinges are essential to a properly functioning garage door. Similar to the hinges in a standard door, these components connect the various panels in a garage door and allow them to pivot. Unfortunately, these components can wear over time and may require maintenance or lubrication to ensure optimal performance.


The tracks in your residential garage door system play an integral role. These components guide the entire door when a resident opens or closes it. Proper alignment is essential as the garage door can undergo significant damage if it opens unevenly or crookedly.


Essential to overhead opening doors, garage door rollers are small wheels that guide the components along the metal track when you open the door. If these rollers are damaged or stuck, opening and closing the door can become difficult.


With something as heavy as a garage door, it’s essential to lighten the load. Springs accomplish this goal by extending when you lower the door, assisting when it’s time to open it again. These springs are durable but withstand a lot of stress, so homeowners may need to replace them occasionally.

Garage Door Opener

While some homeowners choose manual garage doors, mechanical openers are most popular. Garage door openers include a motor to power the device and remote control to activate it. These devices allow you to open and close your garage door with the touch of a button and typically provide a security code device for the exterior. While automatic systems can be more touchy than manual ones, their advantages are worth it for many homeowners.

Most garage door openers come with multiple remotes to activate the door. This feature allows residents to keep one remote in their car for accessible entry whenever they arrive at home. Additionally, garage door openers offer excellent security and convenience, allowing homeowners to protect their homes with a code and gain access even if they forget their keys.

Garage Door Options

Once you select the perfect garage door material and type, there are still some decisions to make. When working with an experienced garage door installation company like Garage Door Medic, residents can choose from a few additional options to complete their project. Read on to learn about some helpful options for garage doors near you, or explore our website to learn about why it’s important to prepare your garage doors for different seasons.

Insulated Doors

Beyond the type of material, homeowners can also choose garage doors with added insulation for maximum efficiency. These doors are excellent at maintaining temperatures inside, so they are perfect for anyone who regularly uses their garage as a game room or workspace. 

Insulation can significantly impact energy costs, as the garage can often allow meaningful amounts of heat to escape the home. Anytime there is a weakness in your home’s insulation, you’ll have to use your HVAC system for longer to achieve the same result. If you’ve struggled to keep your home’s temperature comfortable even when the air conditioner or heater is on, an insulated garage door may be able to help.

Weather Stripping

As an exterior fixture, garage doors constantly protect your household from the worst of the elements. Unfortunately, from the glaring sun in the summer to rain and wind in the winter, your garage door has a lot to deal with every year. Fortunately, weather stripping protects your garage and ensures that your garage door creates an effective seal against the weather. 

Get Started

Garage doors get a lot of use, so proper installation ensures they operate smoothly and last as long as possible. By reading this article, you’ve learned a lot about garage door fundamentals and the different options available to residents when planning a replacement. However, selecting a skilled installation company is just as important as choosing the right style and material. 

For residents of Lakeside, CA, Garage Door Medic is an excellent option for garage door replacement and repairs. We work with every client to design the ideal garage door for their home and always arrive on time. With the help of Garage Door Medic, any garage door project can be a breeze, so call today at 888-997-2423 to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable representative and schedule your service.

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