10 Possible Reasons Garage Door Won’t Open

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An automatic garage door is a significant convenience. Particularly for homeowners who park in their garage, having your garage door open on its own after a long day at work is a small but impactful luxury. Therefore, it can be frustrating when the mechanisms that control your garage door aren’t working correctly.

Garage door openers can be sensitive pieces of equipment, relying on precise calibration and alignment to operate correctly. Therefore, when your garage door won’t open, it can be challenging to determine precisely where the problem is originating. This article will cover ten of the most common reasons for garage door issues, but solving the problem may still require professional repair service.

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1.   Blocked Sensor

For safety reasons, most garage doors have an included sensor to ensure nothing is beneath the door when it closes. This sensor is an essential feature, as it prevents injuries and potential damage to cars or other property that may be below your garage door. However, if dirt or debris blocks the sensor’s lens, the machine can falsely detect an object and refuse to function. 

Fortunately, this problem is easy to address. If a blocked sensor is stopping your garage door from operating, all you need to do is clean the sensor. The garage door opener should function normally once you remove the object blocking the lens.

2.   Power Delivery Issue

Lifting your garage door requires a lot of energy, so it’s essential to ensure you always connect your garage door opener to a reliable power source. For example, if a power surge blows a fuse in the home, the garage door may stop opening until someone addresses the issue. Aging outlets or electrical panels can also cause problems with garage door openers. 

Electrical work is hazardous, so if you suspect an electrical issue is causing the problems with your garage door, it’s time to call a professional. An experienced garage door servicing company will be able to find and address the source of the problem safely.

3.   Aging or Damaged Wiring

Opening your garage door requires a lot of power, so the wires carrying energy to your garage door are essential components. Over time, the coatings that protect wires can wear and break apart, rendering the metal wires vulnerable to damage. When these wires break or fray, your garage door opener can no longer receive power, so nothing will happen when you try to open your garage.

4.   Blockage or Jam

Your garage door opener requires smooth and clean tracks for the wheels to open smoothly. However, with regular use and exposure to the elements, it’s easy for foreign objects to wedge themselves into the metal tracks of your garage door. When objects block these tracks, the entire door can get stuck. 

5.   Broken or Missing Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs play a valuable role in both the manual opening of the garage and the operation of your garage door opener. When you close your garage door, the springs extend, assisting you when it’s time to open it again. Garage doors are heavy, so a missing or broken spring can stop the entire opener from working. 

6.   Faulty Remote

While a garage door that isn’t opening can signify a severe mechanical issue, it’s just as likely that the problem has a simple explanation. Although remote controls offer exceptional convenience, the infrared sensors they rely on can be touchy and break easily. Therefore, if your garage door won’t open, replacing the remote is a wise first step before attempting more extensive repairs

7.   Keypad Not Synced

For the keypad connected to your garage door opener to function, a resident or contractor must properly sync it to the central unit. When the keypad loses connection to the opener, residents will be unable to open the garage door from outside. However, this issue is typically easy to identify, as the garage door should normally open when activated from inside. 

8.   Misaligned Track

Another common reason for garage doors not to open is a problem with the track. The tracks in your garage door opener guide the mechanism, so any damage to the track can cause the entire system to get stuck. If this occurs, you may be able to free the stuck component, but fixing the track will likely require professional assistance.

One way to determine whether you’re dealing with a problem with the tracks is by listening to the sound your garage door makes. If the problem is with the tracks, the motor should still function properly, so you should hear the system make noise when you push the button on the remote. If the door begins to open but then closes again, a bent or misaligned track likely is to blame.

9.   Lock System Engaged

While it may seem too simple, one common reason garage doors won’t open is an engaged locking system. Most garage door openers include a manual locking system, which may appear on or near the motor. When a resident engages this system, the door will remain locked in place until someone disengages the system.

Although this system requires manual activation, it can be easy to lock the door and forget. Some systems even have locking systems on the unit that can be easy to miss at first glance. A simple solution is always preferable, so checking the locking mechanisms should be one of the first steps when your garage door isn’t opening. 

10.  Motor Failure

While many potential problems that could stop a garage door from opening have simple solutions, the issue can be more severe. The motor in your garage door opener is a delicate machine, and it can become damaged enough to need replacement. When excessive pressure strips a gear or damages other components, the best option is to replace the unit. 

While replacing a garage door opener can be stressful, working with an experienced garage door company can make things more manageable. The installation involves electrical equipment and precise alignment, so it’s easy for things to go wrong. However, an expert installation company can leave you with a smoothly operating garage door that works better than before. 

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By reading this article, you’ve learned a lot of common reasons a garage door can stop opening. If you want to learn more about fixing stuck doors, you can keep exploring our website. We’re an experienced garage door repair company, so our staff can also answer any questions you may have. 

When your garage door won’t open, daily life can become frustrating. For example, getting home from work to realize there’s no parking available is frustrating, and parking on the street brings additional risks of theft or damage. Fortunately, Garage Door Medic is available to provide rapid repair services to residents of Arizona.

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