What Are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Garage Doors

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Whether you run a storefront in an airport, retail space in a mall, or restaurant in a metropolitan area, securing your space with a commercial garage door is crucial. However, with so many options and types of commercial garage doors, it’s essential to know what’s affordable, aesthetic, and appropriate for your business.

Ensure that you consult garage doors installation experts in Oceanside before installing any commercial overhead door from this list. Although you might believe it is the perfect option for your business, different commercial doors fit specific structures or frames. You want to guarantee that whatever you pick will fit your location perfectly.

If you’re ready to install new commercial garage doors to your recreational or commercial space, check out our list of the 12 most popular types of commercial garage doors below. Remember that the best type of door for you will depend on the needs of your space, location, and level of functionality versus look. 

1. Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are typically one of the most common types of commercial garage doors that you’ve probably seen protecting local storage units or warehouses. Made from galvanized steel, these doors’ panels can provide insulation, thermal isolation, and weather resistance functions. 

Sectional doors might be the best fit for a warehouse storing valuable business merchandise or expensive machinery that requires increased security. Many come with additional features such as windows or high-speed tracks.

2. High-Performance Doors

High-performance doors are the next level of durability and protection from sectional doors. While their paneling reflects a similar construction to sectional doors, high-performance doors provide one key defining feature: impact resistance. 

For high-security areas, consider high-impact doors. They provide many of the same benefits as sectional doors but can withstand the impact of a vehicle.

3. Insulated Commercial Garage Doors

While many types of commercial garage doors feature insulation, insulated doors have the best climate control, sound attenuation, fire protection, warmth retention, and energy efficiency. You can install insulated commercial garage doors for perishable items like meat lockers or vegetable warehouses. They’re also great for sensitive products that might expire in certain climates.

4. Rolling Service or Coiling Doors

While not as aesthetically pleasing as some other options, rolling or coiling service doors are ideal for limited spaces. These doors are perfect for spatial convenience and from fire-resistant, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. 

The slats that comprise these doors are thin and flexible, coiling around a drum to open and close. Since this drum can hang in a compact cylinder above the door, rolling service doors allow the ceiling of your space to remain untouched. 

5. High-Speed Metal Doors

High-speed metal doors are ideal for energy efficiency. Often designed similarly to rolling doors, these commercial garage doors optimize speed and efficiency. 

Another ideal option for storing perishable or sensitive items, these high-speed doors eliminate air conditioning loss. Some models can even open 80″ of the entry per second. You can also supplement these doors with extra insulation for increased climate control.

6. Fabric and Rubber Roll-Up Doors

Have you ever called the exterminator or seen a house receiving a bug treatment? Fabric and rubber roll-up doors often secure homes that are undergoing these kinds of extreme extermination treatments.

With both temporary and permanent models, fabric and rubber roll-up doors provide another solid option for commercial garage doors. While this type of door might not be ideal for security, it provides protection from dangerous chemicals or other contaminants escaping a space.

7. Fire-Rated Doors and Curtains

Fire-rated doors and curtains are an extra line of defense in an emergency. Made from fire-resistant materials, these doors will close automatically during a fire. When combined with sprinklers and other defense mechanisms, fire-rated doors can mean the difference between getting a completely new warehouse and salvaging the remains of one room.

8. Side-Folding and Upward Coiling Security Grilles

If you’ve ever landed late on a flight or been one of the last mall goers of the day, you’ve seen both side-folding and upward coiling security grilles. These discreet commercial doors are a perfect addition for any stall or storefront, especially in malls and airports.

Offering an array of styles, colors, and designs, these doors can help secure a retail or restaurant space without detracting from the visual appeal. The side-folding model offers a simple pull-to-close, a push-to-open mechanism similar to opening or closing a closet. The upward coiling security grille typically adds security for parking garages and functions similarly to a rolling door.

9. Security Shutters

Security shutters are ideal for hospitals, liquor stores, and commercial garages. With a similar look to sectional and high-performance doors, security shutters fortify their spaces with high-impact metal and steel, ideal for commercial use in more secure or high-risk businesses. In addition, you can use a smart garage door opener to maximize security.

10. Counter Doors and Counter Security Grille

The cafeteria has to close at some point, and you want potential customers to know when it does. Counter doors and security grilles are versions of the security door and grille optimized for counter service restaurants, cafeterias, and kitchens. With these grates down, your products remain secure until your next opening. 

11. Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

One of the more attractive options on our list is aluminum glass overhead doors. These commercial doors feature windows and an aluminum frame that creates an aesthetically pleasing and functional doorway. Aluminum glass overhead doors are perfect for restaurants on busy streets that want the flexibility of a more open or closed layout. 

12. Commercial and Industrial Wind Load Doors

Commercial and industrial wind load doors are ideal for natural disaster-prone areas. If you live in a tornado or hurricane zone, these doors provide the ultimate protection from strong winds and natural disasters. They’re great for storage units and warehouses.

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