Are Glass Garage Doors Safe? What You Need to Know

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You may not overthink the function of your garage doors, but they are crucial features of your home. They protect your cars or other valuables stored in your garage and improve your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. Considering this dual security and aesthetic function, it’s worth considering different materials and styles of garage doors.

If you’ve ever considered installing glass garage doors, you might wonder, “Are glass garage doors safe?” Although their pristine look and ability to let in natural light are attractive, glass garage doors are inherently less safe than vinyl and aluminum. However, many garage door repair professionals in Boise can install additional security that makes them as secure as the alternatives.

Security Risks with Glass Garage Doors

Before reviewing options to secure the glass door for your home, let’s examine some of the security risks of glass garage doors. Although these risks can feel daunting, it’s better to understand the truth about glass garage doors and their impact on home security.

Easy to See Through

One of the most obvious risks of installing this type of garage door is that anyone can see into your garage. Assuming you have one or a couple of cars and other valuables, this can invite unwanted, opportunistic thieves. Luckily, thermoplastic and frosted glass alternatives are equally beautiful and less exposing.

Less Durable Material Increases Chances of a Smash, Grab, and Go

Let’s face it: glass is far more destructible than aluminum and vinyl materials. Thieves recognize this weakness and could potentially try to capitalize on it. Although you might install alarms and other security, it can be far too easy for burglars to smash the glass, grab some valuables, and escape before you can respond.

Entices Thieves by Appearing “Too Wealthy”

Perhaps a bit similar to transparency, glass garage doors suggest a level of wealth and affluence that might be attractive to wrongdoers. Considering the rarity of these doors, they are likely to stick out. While this will undoubtedly attract the praise you want, it can also attract the kind of attention you don’t.

Install Supplemental Security to Fortify Your Glass Door Garage

So, are glass garage doors safe enough for your home? While there is a risk to installing these beautiful features, modern technology offers countless ways to fortify and protect your glass garage doors.

Use Stronger, Less See-Through Glass

One of the easiest ways to improve security is by choosing the right kind of glass. Not all glass is equally durable, and some types are much stronger than others. Choosing a heat-strengthened, laminated, or tempered glass can offer increased protection from break-ins.

Another consideration is the transparency of your glass garage doors. While an entirely see-through look can offer a stunning aesthetic, it might also include more risk. Consider alternatives like frosted, colored, or translucent glass that offer additional beautification and protect the contents of your garage from prying eyes.

Install Security Cameras

Smart home systems like the Nest and Blink cameras are becoming popular for comprehensive home security. Not only do cameras provide necessary evidence in case of a break-in or other crime, but many also feature motion detectors that alert you when there is unusual motion near your home.

Implementing these security systems could be crucial if you decide to install glass garage doors. Cameras are the best way to keep a long-term security record, prevent burglaries, and monitor the activity your new doors might attract. In some cases, the presence of cameras alone is enough to deter a potential thief.

Motion Detecting Lights

Motion detecting lights serve many purposes beyond just improving the security of your glass garage doors. First, they ensure that your home provides an illuminated, bright, and welcoming space when you arrive home at night. More importantly, these lights can stave off thieves and even pests.

These lights may frighten potential burglars or discourage them from following through altogether because they may believe someone is home or watching them.

Furthermore, this illumination, combined with the security cameras and Smart technology mentioned above, will display the facial features of wrongdoers. Having clear images of the perpetrators assists police work and insurance claims.

Thieves aren’t the only intruders to be aware of, though. Raccoons, rats, and other vermin rummage through trash or try to sneak into homes to scavenge. Automatic lights help ward off these creatures and keep the outdoors out.

Use Smart Garage Door Openers

While you might think of Smart garage door openers more as a convenient additional feature rather than a security necessity, app and smartphone door openers can significantly decrease the chances of a break-in. Regular garage door remotes are easy to steal and will open for anyone who presses them.

However, smart garage door openers are typically password or Face ID protected, meaning thieves can’t access your home even if they steal your phone. Many of these openers can also sync to smart home systems like the Nest, giving you more centralized control. The benefits of smart garage door openers are worth the extra investment.

Increase Door Thickness

Glass garage doors automatically mandate thicker door frames. The increased thickness helps solidify the inset glass and prevent it from accidentally breaking. While this is more of a requirement rather than a choice, you can choose to increase the thickness of your garage doors to improve their security.

Additional thickness also allows you to add more layers of glass to the garage doors. Should a burglar try to smash, grab, and go on a glass garage door with multiple layers of glass, they might be unable to break both. In an emergency, a thicker door can be the difference between calling 9-1-1 and thanking yourself for installing additional security.

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