How to Troubleshoot my LiftMaster Garage Door

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Have you found your LiftMaster Garage Door Operator is not functioning properly? Well, there are all sorts of different issues potentially causing the problem you have run into. Below are a couple common issues that any Do-it-Yourselfer can tackle on their own. Read below for LiftMaster garage door opener problems and troubleshooting tips and techniques:

Remote or Keypad Not Responding Consistently

It might sound rather straight forward and even over simplistic, but all handheld remotes and the outside keypad are powered by batteries. When these batteries die or are dying, they may no longer function to their usual ability.  The remotes sometimes take AAA or AA batteries but more often use lithium 3v batteries much like a watch.  Check to ensure which are needed before purchasing a replacement.  If the battery replacement does not fix your issue it is likely time to have a professional out to inspect and repair.

Door Isn’t Closing

When you attempt to close the garage door, either through remote or direct connection inside the garage, is it failing to close?  If this is the case, it could be because the safety sensor is blocked, dirty or out of alignment. On each side of the garage door there is what is known as a “photo eye” or “safety sensor.” Basically this is a sensor to prevent the door from closing on people, pets or objects. The photo eye on each side should be in direct alignment with one another. These create an infrared beam running between the two, which instructs the garage door to reverse if the beam is broken. If you notice the door reverses when closing you want to check the sensors first. Firstly, make sure there are no obvious obstructions.  Next, clear the beams of any dust, debris and/or cobwebs that may have accumulated on the sensor lenses. Also, check to see that they are as aligned as possible.  Typically if one is slightly off it isn’t that big of a deal, but if there is a major angle difference, the two will not be able to send/receive a signal. Adjust the sensor as necessary.  If aligned and unblocked, the sensors should have solid lit LED lights visible on the devices.  Adjust the sensors until the LED lights stops blinking and are lit solid.  If none of these suggestions work, it is time to contact a garage door repair specialist to see what else may be causing the issues.

If you have a LiftMaster garage door opener you know how much of a quality product it is. With that being said, without routine preventative maintenance you still may run into problems with the garage door from time to time. By following through with these tips you run a better chance of identifying any problems your family experiences and possibly remedy them without needing a professional to come to your home.


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