Insulated Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

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Are you considering insulated garage doors for your home or business in Apache Junction? Before you decide, review the pros and cons of this type of door with our team at Garage Door Medics. 

We can help you identify the kind of garage door that best fits your needs. Find out more by working with garage door repair experts in Apache Junction, AZ, by calling us at 888-997-2423. We’re ready to put our experience and training to work for you. 

Go Over the Basics Regarding Insulated Garage Doors

You have many options if you decide you want insulated garage doors in Apache Junction. First, you select the primary material for the door, which makes up the frame. Your options include choices like: 

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood 

Steel and aluminum doors often offer you increased durability. However, they may not give your home the look you want. Steel doors are also weighty, which some property owners prefer to avoid. Wood doors give you a traditional and classic look, but they may wear out more quickly than metal doors. 

Fiberglass doors often appeal to consumers by offering the best of both worlds. Manufacturers can craft them to look like wood while allowing you to avoid issues with rotting or water damage. Plus, fiberglass weighs significantly less than steel while still providing durability. 

Once you select a material for your door frame, you have to consider the type of insulation you want. Many companies offer you a choice of polystyrene or polyurethane. 


Polystyrene represents the less expensive choice for garage door insulation. It still provides you with essential insulation but is not as effective as other options. 


Polyurethane insulation is denser than polystyrene, making it more durable and giving it better insulating qualities. Polyurethane doors do cost more, however, which may make a difference depending on your project’s budget. 

Pros of Installing Insulated Garage Doors in Apache Junction

In general, the pros outweigh the cons regarding insulated garage doors. However, we believe in providing detailed information to our clients. Let’s go over the facts about these doors so that you can decide for yourself. 

Reduce Your Energy Expenses

For many property owners, the primary benefit of putting in an insulated garage door comes down to lowering energy costs. In addition, garage door insulation helps keep outside air from changing the temperature inside your home. 

The temperatures in Arizona can get very hot in the daytime before plunging in the night hours. These temperature fluctuations can strain your heating and cooling system, especially with a drafty garage door. 

Property owners may save up to 20% on their energy bills throughout the year by insulating their homes properly. Part of proper insulation involves taking care of the garage. Note that this benefit only applies if you have an attached garage. If your garage stands apart from your home, it does not directly impact the temperature in your house. 

Last Longer

Generally, insulated steel doors have more durability than uninsulated options. Insulated doors come with a metal frame for support and have solid-core insulation that helps them resist denting. In addition, most insulated doors are multi-layer, allowing them to give you additional protection from: 

  • Hail
  • Projectiles
  • Wind 

Insulation also helps your garage maintain a steady temperature, meaning the garage door machinery does not face exposure to significant temperature fluctuations. Extreme levels of heat or cold can damage delicate mechanical parts over time. 

Keep Your Garage Quiet

Traditional garage doors allow a multitude of sounds in from outside your home. The greater the insulating power of your new garage door, the more noise dampening features you can enjoy. Insulation can block out sounds from: 

  • People walking outside
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Construction noises 

According to research, insulated garage doors can dampen noise by up to 16 decibels, meaning they can significantly impact your home’s peaceful environment. Insulated garage doors also reduce noise when your garage door opens—they weigh more and have tighter construction that prevents rattling, creaking, and other noises associated with garage door usage. 

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

In many cases, insulated garage doors increase the overall value of your home. These doors often look nice, especially because they come in different textures and allow you a choice of panels. Potential home buyers may appreciate the aesthetics of the door and the fact that it can lead to lower energy expenses. 

Keep Your Garage More Comfortable

Door insulation can reduce air infiltration into your garage space. This factor means that your garage remains at a more consistent temperature, making the room more comfortable if you use it for crafts, working out, or other activities. 

Maintaining a consistent temperature also helps if you store things like paint, food, or oil in your garage. These items may sustain damage if they do not stay within a specific temperature range. Finally, keeping your vehicle in a temperature-controlled garage can help you avoid issues with your battery and other essential parts. 

Cons of Installing Insulated Garage Doors in Apache Junction

Below are some of the potential drawbacks of insulated garage doors to consider before making your purchase. 

Cost More Than Other Options

The primary drawback of insulated garage doors comes down to cost. These doors cost more than traditional options when it comes to your initial payments. The costs are even higher if you select polyurethane insulation for the door. 

However, keep in mind that property owners save on energy expenses when they have insulated garage doors. Additionally, these doors offer you increased durability, making them less likely to break down or sustain damage in storms. 

Therefore, over time, many property owners find that they break even for the cost of an insulated garage door or even end up saving money. You can discuss the costs of installing your garage system with our team. 

May Not Work as Well if You Use It Frequently

Note that this potential downside for insulated garage doors does not apply in all cases. However, it does bear noting as part of the decision-making process. 

Insulated garage doors keep the temperature at an even level inside your home. However, they can only perform this service if you keep them closed most of the time. If you leave your garage open regularly or go in and out frequently, it diminishes the garage door’s insulation effectiveness. 

There’s nothing wrong with using your garage door frequently. However, if you believe you’ll have it in use or open most of the time, you may want to consider sticking with a less expensive option that does not come with insulation. 

Have Limited Effectiveness in Mild Climates

Your insulated garage door can help minimize fluctuations in temperature within your garage and your home. However, most property owners only see significant changes in comfort and energy bills if they live in an area with extreme outdoor temperatures, such as the hot days and cold nights that Arizona frequently experiences. 

Therefore, while this issue may be considered a con in other parts of the country, it may be regarded as a pro for your Arizona home. 

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