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If you have a carport on your property but would like to improve security and aesthetics, it is possible to install a garage door on a carport. Construction can enclose your carport on each side and install a garage door that matches the aesthetic of your home. However, the project is complex and can be expensive, so this article will examine the steps involved with converting your carport.

How Does a Carport Enclosure Work?

Choosing to enclose a carport is a great way to enhance the security of your property and give you additional usable storage space. However, converting your current carport into a garage is challenging, so it’s essential to find an experienced garage construction company to ensure perfect results.

First, the construction company must construct walls to enclose the carport before installing the garage doors. This factor is the most challenging part of the project, as it’s important to include proper insulation and electrical systems if needed. Once finishing construction, homeowners can choose the perfect garage door for their style and needs.

If you’re planning a carport conversion, you can count on garage door repair by Garage Door Medics in Denver. With years of experience providing affordable garage door services in Denver, CO, Garage Door Medics can help you plan and design the perfect garage door for your property. The following sections will discuss factors to consider before starting, but call us if you have more questions.

Benefits of Enclosing Your Carport

While carports provide adequate protection against the elements for your vehicle, their utility is relatively limited. In addition, these structures offer homeowners little to no usable storage space and can even fail to protect cars in particularly harsh weather conditions. For these reasons, many homeowners opt to install a garage door on the carport on their property.

Switching from a carport to a garage provides multiple advantages to homeowners at a reasonable cost. While carports serve only one purpose, a garage can provide a family with a truly multipurpose space. Whether the goal is to increase storage space or add another usable area for home residents, a carport conversion is a rewarding project.  

First Steps

When planning a project as significant as a garage door enclosure, it’s vital to start by acquiring any necessary permissions or permits. You should always check the city’s code before beginning construction. Depending on your living situation, you may need to check with a homeowners association to ensure there are no rules against your project.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Carport Conversion

Although installing a garage door on a carport can create valuable space for homeowners in Denver, the project is not a simple undertaking. Read the following few sections for some things to think about before starting your conversion.


The budget is a crucial factor to consider in any home improvement project. Although the existing carport structure provides a head start, enclosing a carport can still be an expensive undertaking. You’ll need to hire a construction company to frame and build the walls and insulate each portion of the new garage.

Creating a plan that suits your budget and needs is essential to planning a successful carport enclosure. The project’s cost will also depend on whether you want a single-car garage or a larger garage on your property. Homeowners can complete a single-car garage conversion for around $10,000, while expanding to a two-car garage can more than double the price.

Intended Usage

The next factor to consider when planning to install garage doors on a carport is how you intend to use the space. Again, depending on your intentions for the new garage, you can focus on different construction elements. For instance, homeowners who plan to use their new garage solely for storing their cars, trucks, and other belongings can place less emphasis on insulating the space.

However, a finished garage can also provide utility as a game room or play area for children, so insulation may be essential to keeping the space comfortable. Insulation helps keep the space comfortable by protecting against outside temperatures. By considering how you want to use your new garage before starting the project, you can focus your budget on the aspects that will reward you the most.


While functionality always comes first, aesthetic appeal is also crucial to any home improvement project. Consistency is vital in this regard, as most homeowners want a cohesive look across their entire property. By working with Garage Door Medic in Denver, homeowners can find garage doors that perfectly match their existing style of exterior decor and provide an appealing complement to the home’s color.


Security is one of the primary purposes of garage doors, so it’s essential to consider this factor while planning your project. Garage door companies can install heavy-duty doors to ensure your car and belongings are completely safe from intruders inside your new garage.

Type of Garage Door

Once you finish planning the construction elements of your carport enclosure, the next step is to determine what type of garage door you want. Roller doors provide the most advantages to homeowners, as they are easier to open and take up less space. Therefore, if you want to install garage doors on your carport, a roller door is the best option in most cases.


Finally, it’s essential to consider the features you want your final garage to have. These features can be structural or come in the form of additional devices once your contractors complete construction. For instance, homeowners should consider whether they want to add extra access doors to the garage to make entry easier.

Additionally, a garage door opener can make it easier to utilize the space your newly enclosed garage provides fully. These devices assist homeowners with opening the heavy garage door by making opening the door as easy as pushing a button. With remote controls and keypad options, these openers can significantly enhance the results of your carport enclosure project.

Get Your Carport Garage Conversion Started Today

Enclosing your carport to create a sturdy new garage is an effective way to expand the square footage of your home. Even if you only use the new area for storage, it can ease the burden of organization and free up space around your home. Although the process can be extensive, enclosing a carport is a worthwhile project for homeowners in Denver.

If you’re planning a carport enclosure for your property in Denver, CO, the experts at Garage Door Medics can help simplify the process. With years of experience providing quality garage doors to the Denver community, our team can walk you through the process of planning your garage conversion.

At Garage Door Medics, our priority is to earn a positive review from every client we serve. We believe that the best way to build a successful business is with consistent positive referrals and word of mouth, so we focus on providing premium service at an affordable price. So, whenever you need garage door installation or repairs in Denver, Colorado, you can count on Garage Door Medics.

Our team is standing by to help with your upcoming carport enclosure project. We’re always happy to help our clients, so you can call us anytime or explore our website to learn more about installing new garage doors. Then, when you’re ready to install a garage door on your carport in Denver, CO, call Garage Door Medics at 888-997-2423 to speak to a helpful representative and schedule your service.

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