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Repairing or replacing a garage door can be costly. Much of the cost is determined by what is wrong with your existing garage door, but prices vary from company to company as well. Here are the most common problems with garage doors, and how much it should cost you to repair them.

Spring Repair or Replacement

The torsion spring is what makes it easy to open your garage door. If your door doesn’t open manually, there is a good chance you need to replace your torsion spring. You may also find that the door just seems heavier than it used to, or that it will open a bit but not all the way.

The type of garage door you have has a large impact on how much it will cost to repair. A standard door with one spring usually costs between $150-200 for a professional repair. If it has two springs, you can add approximately $50 more dollars for the second spring. Heavy or custom garage doors are generally more expensive to repair. These can cost up to $400 for a professional repair. You should know this isn’t a do it yourself type repair. These springs are under lots of tension, and you can be injured if you don’t know what you are doing.

Replacing the Opener

Your garage door opener engine will wear out at some point. Before you decide on a specific brand of opener, you should know about the different types of openers. Chain drive models are durable, the least expensive, and work great in any climate. They are also loud when operating. Belt drives are completely quiet, and they offer the same power as chain drives. They are more expensive. Screw drive isn’t nearly as common as the other two, and it is generally the most expensive. They are designed to run in the most extreme climates.

You will also need to consider the amount of power you need. 1/2 horsepower is sufficient for most doors, but heavier doors require 3.4 horsepower. Some models have a backup battery that allows them to run when the power goes out, and some have a smart panel with security settings. The price for the opener itself runs from $170-$350, with the average price being around $190-$220.

If you are an experienced do it yourselfer, you may be comfortable replacing the opener on your own. However, hiring a professional will ensure that you are correcting the right problem. What looks like a motor malfunction may be something else. You should also check your warranty before installing it yourself, because it could void your warranty. The price for the opener and installation starts at about $300.

Sensor Repair

If your door will open, but it won’t close, your sensors may be bad. You can test it by closing the garage door with the button on the wall. Just hold it until the door is completely closed. The sensors are the safety feature to make sure that the door doesn’t close on anything. This is why it won’t close if they aren’t working properly.

The sensors may be worn out. They could also be dirty or not wired correctly. If you are doing it yourself, you should check for dirt and other obstructions and any incorrect wiring or damage before replacing the sensors. They cost around $30-$50 for the sensors themselves, and about $100 for labor. You can do it yourself if you have basic wiring knowledge.

Lock Switch

The lock switch is designed to keep other remotes from opening your door. It is an added security measure that is generally used when you will be away for a longer period of time. If the lock switch is malfunctioning, you should be able to open the door manually, but the remote control won’t work. You can get a replacement lock switch for $40-$100 dollars. A professional installation will cost approximately $100, but they will make sure that is the problem and that it actually needs replacing.

If you are having any problems with your garage doors, Garage Door Medics are here to help you 24 hours a day. They carry many replacement parts on their truck, so many times they can figure out the problem and have you up and running in no time.

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