Wind Load “Hurricane” Garage Doors

Quality Wind Load Garage Doors

Wind Load “Hurricane” Garage Doors

In times of severe weather, it pays to be prepared. Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home, and your door needs to be properly reinforced when strong winds blow. That’s where wind load garage doors come in. Wind load doors are engineered to protect your garage door primarily in high wind events. High wind events include hurricanes, thunderstorms and other similar events.

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In certain state counties, wind load doors are a building code requirement. Always check with a local county or municipal building official for specific requirements. Learn more about these doors and how they can help prevent property damage.

The Benefits of Wind Load Garage Doors

For homeowners in areas that are susceptible to hurricane activity and high winds, wind load doors are essential. According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, about 80% of residential wind damage begins with wind entry through the garage door. Because of this, wind load garage doors can help mitigate damage. These reinforced garage doors offer a high level of craftsmanship, durability, and dependability. They don’t sacrifice looks for functionality. Your garage door can look great while protecting your valuables.

Wind Doors Benefits

How Do Strong Winds Affect Garage Doors?

It’s important to know how high winds can affect your garage door and your home. You can prevent the following interactions by investing in a high-quality wind load garage door.


In a high wind event, intense pressure is generated on the garage door. Whether your door is pushed or pulled is dependent on wind direction and the direction the garage door faces.


During strong winds, debris can become powerful projectiles. Your door’s ability to protect your home will weaken when damaged, and your door may not be able to withstand the damage.


Without wind load reinforcement, your garage door can buckle under the intense pressure and flying debris. This will give high winds an entry point inside your structure.

High Damage

When winds enter a home through a compromised door, this can result in roof sections and wall panels being blown apart. This will give rain, wind, and debris free access to your home.

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