What’s New In Garage Door Technology?

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Garage door openers have continued to evolve with the speed of new technology in the last decade.

From remote Internet access to reliable Battery Backup to automatic sensors and more, modern garage openers offer an abundance of conveniences that help make life simpler.  If you are considering upgrading, here are some new options you should look for.

Smartphone Apps:  Many apps. exist now that allow you to open, close and monitor your door from remote locations.

Timers:  Concerned you did not shut the garage door?  Look for timers that close after a specific time.

Audible Alerts:  Receive an alert if your garage door opens.

Quite Openers:  Newer openers are remarkably quieter.

Enhanced Security:  New openers have billions of possible codes to guard against “code grabbers”. Nda Admit card 2017

Battery Backup:  Powers out, no problem. Look for powerful battery backups.

Door sensing technology:  New safety features that stop and reverse if an object is sensed.

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