Garage Door Tips: What Kind of Garage Door Should I Get?

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Many homeowners ask themselves, “What kind of garage door should I get?” when they want to upgrade their carport. However, with so many different garage door variations available, figuring out which model best suits your residence isn’t always easy. That’s why the experts at Garage Door Medics put together a guide to help you find the perfect garage door for your home.

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What Kind of Garage Door Should I Get?

Garage doors are more innovative and secure than ever. They come in numerous sizes, designs, and materials, giving you seemingly endless options when it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. However, every garage door variation has its strengths and weaknesses, making it vital for you to research each model before committing to a specific design.

Below are some of the most common garage door types in San Diego, CA.

Steel Doors

Steel garage doors are the most popular door design on the market today. Their robust frame and appealing style make them ideal for nearly any home, putting them at the forefront of the industry.

Steel garage doors typically consist of 24-ga steel (although 26-ga and 28-ga are also common) accompanied by high-quality foam insulation. Many models sport a decorative wood-grain pattern or a sleek, smooth finish, but several other designs are also available. Some steel garage doors have a durable polyester topcoat or built-in primer, giving them an extra layer of protection against rust and discoloration.

Most steel garage doors have at least a ten-year warranty, ensuring optimal performance. Homeowners looking for superior security without diminishing their residence’s visual appeal might want to consider a steel garage door.

Wood Doors

Wooden garage doors have always been popular among San Diego homeowners. Although wooden doors require more maintenance than other models, they can take any home’s curbside appeal to the next level.

Many manufacturers use hardboard panels and hemlock frames to create wooden garage doors and even offer custom designs, allowing you to create your own door that matches your style. Most factory-made wooden doors come with a one-year warranty, but custom models often have up to a 15-year warranty.

If you want a unique garage door that’s as alluring as it is robust, consider purchasing a high-quality wooden model.

Plastic Door

Plastic garage doors continue to gain popularity among San Diego residents due to their lightweight yet durable nature and minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike other garage door models, plastic doors don’t rot or corrode over time and function quietly. Most are UV-resistant and won’t fade in constant sunlight, ensuring your garage looks its best for many years to come.

Plastic garage doors also come in numerous designs and colors, ranging from traditional patterns to more modern styles. Warranties typically last 20 years or longer, giving you peace of mind that your garage door will withstand the tests of time.

The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Garages often experience extreme temperature changes when their doors don’t have proper insulation. However, a well-insulated door prevents drastic temperature fluctuations while reducing intrusive noise. They are also less vulnerable to dents, ensuring your garage remains pristine.

No matter the material, always ensure your garage door has high-quality insulation before installing it. An insulated door will preserve its visual appeal and protect your garage from dents, dings, and other unsightly blemishes.

Spring Systems

There are two primary garage door spring systems:

  • Extension springs
  • Torsion springs

Extension spring systems consist of two elongated springs that run parallel to your ceiling and control your garage door’s operation. They are less strenuous to install and usually require ten inches of headroom.

Torsion spring systems control garage doors by winding them into place. They reside over the garage’s entrance and distribute the door’s weight evenly, making them more ideal for wide and overly heavy door types. Torsion spring systems usually demand 12 inches of headroom, but you can purchase special hardware to install them on lower clearances.

Improving Your Garage Door’s Visual Aesthetic

Many homeowners want a secure garage door that improves their residence’s appeal. Doors featuring exquisite colors, designs, and visual enhancements can do wonders for even the blandest-looking homes, providing a unique style that emphasizes the homes’ best features. Below are a few garage door characteristics to keep in mind while shopping around.

Paint and Color

Most factory-made garage doors come in dull colors like brown, beige, and white. However, some manufacturers offer numerous garage door colors, ranging from deep red to lively light blue. It’s best to talk to your supplier and explain your preferred door color to see if they have one that matches your taste.

You can also paint your garage door if it becomes faded or outdated over time. Giving your steel, plastic, or wooden garage door a fresh coat of paint will heighten its appeal even further, allowing your home to reach its full visual potential.


Adding a few windows to your garage door is a great way to boost its charm. They provide natural light to the interior and come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. Installing some gorgeous sunburst window panes or beautiful octagonal privacy windows will take your garage to new heights without requiring a small fortune.

Custom Doors

If you want a unique garage door that expresses your style and individuality, a custom door might best suit your needs. Custom garage doors give you complete control over your door’s design, ensuring you receive exactly what you’re looking for within reason. You can customize the color, door pattern, and even its open and closing style.

It’s important to note that custom garage doors often demand higher prices and can take some time to complete. If a custom garage door sparks your interest, ensure you have sufficient funds and give enough time to the manufacturer to complete your order.

Safety Features

Modern garage doors have several safety features that protect homeowners, vehicles, pets, and small children. Many come with shaped edges that push fingers and toes away from the door’s bottom before it closes, preventing injuries and other hazardous situations.

Most electronic garage doors also utilize an automatic reverse feature that prevents the door from closing on people, vehicles, and items. If the garage door contacts something before meeting the floor, it will reverse its route before harming the person or object.

When asking yourself, “What kind of garage door should I get?” Consider purchasing a model with built-in safety features to protect your family and prevent potential door damage.

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