Summer Storms Are Right Around the Corner

Is Your Garage Door Prepared For Monsoon Season?

Summer Storms Are Right Around the Corner

Here in the Southwest, we start to become desperate for a break from the sweltering temperatures as summer presses on. Luckily, monsoon season provides some relief! While the cool heavy winds and the pitter-patter of rain may be soothing to the ear, the sound of your garage door crashing down surely isn’t!

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Unfortunately, with the dropping temperatures also come hail, flash floods, dust storms and sky-high humidity levels. This means if your garage door isn’t properly equipped to take on the elements, it could be left vulnerable to severe damage. Make sure your home is properly prepared with these helpful hints!

Maintenance Is Key

We recommend that you schedule maintenance on your garage semi-annually to ensure it works properly all year round. If your door is already weak, high winds can cause the panels to bend, meaning it won’t be able to open or close. Having no choice but to leave your door ajar is an open invitation to thieves and can result in property damage from subsequent storms.

Scheduling routine maintenance will prevent costly repairs and ensure your door stays in tip-top condition, regardless of tumultuous weather conditions! Our licensed garage door medics will perform a meticulous 25-point inspection to analyze every part of your door so you can have peace of mind that your unit is safe and secure for monsoon season.

Consider a Backup Battery for Your Opener

Backup batteries are crucial when preparing for an oncoming storm! If the power goes out, you’ll want to make sure you can get your car out of the garage. Backup batteries do not need to be plugged into an outlet, which helps prevent wires from frying and creating a fire hazard. In fact, even if lightning strikes your garage’s circuit board, the door will still be able to function with a backup battery.

Some backup batteries are even wifi accessible, meaning you can open or close your garage door using your mobile device. If you forget to close the garage door before leaving your driveway, you can put your mind at ease with the click of a button. Additionally, if you’re away on vacation or out for the day, you’ll receive an alert on your smart device should something go wrong with your garage door.

Use Surge Protectors

In shocking news, during 2018 lightning struck the Lone Star State over 2 million times! Lightning strikes may result in power outages and fires, and can severely damage electrical appliances. Surges often destroy the microprocessor in your garage door opener, causing it to malfunction.

While some garage doors come with surge protection, it will eventually suffer wear and tear until you have to replace the entire opener. Purchasing a separate surge protector for your opener is more cost-effective, and is especially worth it when monsoon season is upon us.

Additional Hacks

While protecting your garage door is crucial, it is even more important to keep yourself and your family safe. Consider these helpful hints to get you through the monsoon season.

  • Avoid going outdoors during thunderstorms and other dangerous weather events.
  • Stay off the roads to avoid flash flooding.
  • Channel water away from your home in order to avoid flooding.


After a monsoon, you may be contacted by scammers offering to conduct cheap home repairs. Be wary and make sure the company is reputable and properly licensed before moving forward with any repairs.

If you need any help preparing for monsoon season, or if your garage door needs some TLC, give Garage Door Medics a call at (623) 900-1995. Our licensed professionals only recommend what you need and will always put your needs first while providing affordable, safe and secure garage doors and services.