Lost or Stolen Garage Door Remote? Security Tips You Need to Know

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Remote garage doors are an absolute convenience. You no longer have to drive up to your home and hoot or leave your car to gain entry. A simple fob on your person rolls the gate up as you approach as well as shuts it down behind you. Though convenient, these doors and gates could potentially be a safety hazard, especially if you lose your remote.

If you’ve discovered that your remote is missing, it is safer to assume that the means for remote access into your home is in the hands of an ill-motived person. Expecting the worst, regardless of whether you misplaced the remote or had it stolen, will compel you to take the appropriate action. Here are some straightforward steps to take once you lose your garage door remote.

Lock Out the Lost or Stolen Remote

Every remote controlled garage door gives you a rudimentary or sophisticated way of removing or adding remote controls. Some models might offer sleek control applications that run on your smartphone or PC while others will have you work using LEDs and a couple of buttons.

A common approach to many garage doors in the market would be erasing the door’s memory. This will forget every remote control and force you to start afresh. You can accomplish this by pressing and holding the LEARN button until the learn LED goes off. This will give you a clean slate and you can now begin adding the available remotes to your system.

Replacing the Remote

A remote replacement is important if your remaining remotes aren’t enough to go around. Buying a new garage remote control is a matter of security and convenience. First, you will have to find a remote controller that is easy to carry around or one that links to your car, hence reducing your chances of losing it.

You will also have to consider other compatibility issues and be keen on how well the new controller can work with the gate’s receiver. Choosing something specific to the receiver model would be a great idea as you won’t have any programming problems.

Going for a universal garage door remote control might be cheaper but you will have to work harder and find something that is actually compatible with your gate.

Program the New Remote

Programming your new remote should be simple if it is compatible. Most of the remote gate systems with a LEARN button will have you press that button on the remote control until the LED light comes on before pressing and holding the LEARN button on the garage door unit in the same manner.

Once linked, you will have to program each button on the remote to an action. For instance, you might have to press a button thrice before pressing the PROGRAM button on the remote to assign the created code to a gate action.

Going through your remote controller’s manual will help you get the programming right, as this will always vary from one model to another.

Matching up the Code With Homelink

Homelink extrapolates the capabilities of your garage door’s remote controller and puts them into your car. You will be at an advantage if your car uses the Quicktrain technology. If it doesn’t, you can still teach your garage door to receive commands from your car, hence doing away with the treacherous task of fumbling for the remote control every time you pull up the driveway.

Homelink keyboards take a natural integration and will sit in the most practical parts of your car. This could be:

  • On the mirror
  • On the visor
  • A module installed overhead next to the cabin light

Choosing the right remote controller will extend the power of your automated garage door. It will help you turn your home into a convenience or control the flow of traffic through any commercial premises under your jurisdiction.

The best way to getting the perfect solution for your user base and door unit type is by letting a professional handle the procurement. Get in touch today and let our experts help you handle any installations, integrations or upgrades as soon as possible to avoid the risks of keeping a gate compatible with lost or stolen controllers.

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