How is a Complete Garage Door Inspection Performed?

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Garage doors are an essential part of the home. But unfortunately, these machines use many moving parts that are prone to break down after enough wear and tear.

Maintaining your garage door can be a hassle on your own. Luckily, Garage Door Medics, your local garage door installation experts in Boise, offers complete garage door inspection that tracks the durability of your garage door system.

In addition, our team will make repairs and replace parts as necessary.

In this post, we will look at some of the services included in a garage door inspection and why regular maintenance services like these are necessary to preserve the longevity of your door.

Lubrication Scan and Replacement

Most garage door inspections begin with the home inspector testing the lubrication of parts throughout your garage door. 

Improper lubrication is one of the most common causes of a garage door part wearing down. If one of the many moving parts of your garage door is too dry, it will grind against the other pieces and slowly break the system. 

Unlubricated garage door parts could lead to your door opening slower than usual or ceasing to open at all. So, during every inspection, your technician will scan the lubrication levels on every part of the door that might be affected and ensure that everything will last against everyday wear and tear.

Test the Door Tracks

A garage door that will not reliably open and close is one of the most significant issues the device can have. And often, it’s the garage door tracks that cause issues with a door’s movement. 

Garage door tracks break down with enough time and usage. They might dent, snap out of place, or have a minor issue like debris blocking the door’s path. But whatever the problem is, a garage door inspection will detect and resolve it.

Your garage door inspector will test every aspect of the door’s tracks, including brackets, cords, and drums, to ensure that all parts are in working order. The mechanic will spot and repair most track issues during the inspection if anything has broken or snapped out of place.

Check the Sealing

Garage doors that cannot seal into place will be unable to keep outside weather conditions from entering inside. As a result, elements like rain and snow will compromise your garage and home.

Repeated exposure to inclement weather could lead to your floors warping or becoming water damaged. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to avoid these adverse effects without a garage door that seals tightly.

Many factors can affect how your garage door seals from a broken door panel to a warped frame. But a garage door technician will be able to identify all problems with your door’s sealing and recommend a replacement. Depending on the severity, they might even be able to repair the issue on-site.

Spring Testing 

The responsibility of garage door springs is to shoulder the door’s weight and enable its movement. If one of them breaks, you can’t open your garage door. Even worse, a spring that breaks while the door is open could send it crashing into the ground, causing damage to the door’s frame and structure.

Not only will a complete garage door inspection replace any faulty springs, but it can also detect springs that might be on the verge of breaking and swap them out with new ones.

Your garage door will have either torsion springs or extension springs, depending on the model. But regardless of what springs your door uses, Garage Door Medics will be able to diagnose their underlying issues and replace them all during the inspection.

Motor and Automatic Safety Feature Inspection

Many modern garage doors are automatic and utilize a motor and remote control to open and close. Additionally, most automatic garage doors have built-in safety features that scan the surrounding area for obstacles before closing.

While these doors are beneficial, their additional parts have as many breakages as any other garage door part.

A complete garage door inspection will be able to identify any problems with the door’s motor and scanner as well as underlying problems that haven’t manifested yet. Additionally, your home inspector will replace any faulty parts with the garage door opener during the inspection, depending on the issue.

Why Bother with Garage Door Inspection?

Most of the issues that come to light during a garage door inspection are minor or easy for some people to brush aside and live without fixing. As a result, many people wonder why the inspection process is worth the cost in the first place.

However, minor door issues are just as important to treat as they come up as severe ones. Something as small as an unlubricated spring can signify robust wear and tear that might cause more significant issues down the road.

When those significant issues pop up, they are often costly and impossible to ignore. For example, things like a broken door panel or track can keep your garage door from opening and closing and might run a high price to fix. 

Regular garage door inspections can identify any issues with your garage door system before they reach the point of needing major repair. Additionally, your garage door technician will make minor, relatively inexpensive fixes during the inspection that prolongs the lifespan of the entire door.

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