How Does A Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Work

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Garages are one of the most versatile spaces any homeowner can install. Not only do they provide space to store cars and other vehicles, but their additional storage availability is one of the best ways to declutter your home. Garages can also increase your property’s curb appeal.

When considering the functionality of your garage doors, you must wonder what type of opener you should install. Some homeowners wonder about different options or ask, “How does a wall mount garage door opener work?”

Distinguishing between a wall mounted opener and older options like a trolley system, rail track, or manual door is crucial to picking the right design. After finding the best option for your home, call Oceanside’s top rated garage door contractors to help install your system. 

What Are Wall Mount Garage Door Openers?

Wall mount garage door openers differ significantly from traditional rail system openers. Their tracks and controls attach to the sides of the garage doors rather than through the center of the ceiling.

The control box for this type of garage door opening attaches directly to the side of the mechanism. As a result, it leaves more space in the center of the ceiling. This configuration allows for a sleeker design.

Wall mount garage doors were once more common in commercial settings. However, residential properties are now embracing these systems as the best option for their garage. 

The Benefits of Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

You now understand the basic answer to the question, “How does a wall mount garage door opener work.” Read on to learn about some benefits these systems provide.

The costs of wall mount garage door openers can be greater than that of other systems. However, the advantages they provide justify the expenditure for many homeowners.

Quieter and Smoother

One of the main advantages of wall mount garage door openers is that they are smooth, quieter, and less disruptive. This feature might be essential to homeowners whose garages exist near living spaces or bedrooms. Families with small children or parents who work late might also benefit from this system’s lack of disruption.

Increases Accessible Ceiling Space

Many homeowners commonly use garage spaces as storage solutions. Garages are especially useful in urban or densely populated environments where residences may be smaller.

In line with these needs, the infrastructure of wall mount garage door openers clears the ceiling space. This area is where central control boxes for other openers would usually remain.

It’s still important to account for the room necessary for the door to open and close. However, eliminating a center track in these systems provides significant storage space. The ceiling space is a great place to store oversized items like kayaks, bikes, or surfboards.

Fits Various Ceiling Heights and Widths

Wall mount openers are available for various ceiling heights and widths, making them a versatile option. However, these systems operate best in garages whose doors are at least seven-feet tall and ten-feet wide. 

Increased Security Features

An essential consideration for any garage door opener system is safety and security. Most systems have locks and breaks to stop doors from accidentally falling. Nonetheless, some are sturdier than others and will last longer.

Central garage door openers often operate with a chain and drive mechanism that can cause significant vibrations. Over time, these vibrations can loosen necessary door attachments. As a result, they increase the need for maintenance and security checks.

Wall mount openers operate more safely and smoother than these systems. They consistently protect your family and investment.

Easier Maintenance and Upkeep

Put simply, these types of garage door openers typically feature fewer chains, tracks, and mechanisms than other systems. Additionally, because of their increased security and infrastructural integrity, they require less frequent maintenance.

Even when your wall mount garage door opener requires maintenance, these systems offer advantages. The increased accessibility of the control box and limited tracks can speed up and simplify maintenance jobs for technicians.

Safer to Use

One concern of families with small children is that their child will accidentally trigger the garage door. Hanging manual triggers can cause doors to fall quickly and dangerously.

Wall mount garage doors are safer since they operate with remote controls. As a result, they eliminate central manual closing features.

Protect your young children and property by installing this system today.

Additional Features Available for Wall Mount Garage Doors

Wall mount garage door openers have additional features. Many of these features make them ideal for commercial and residential spaces.

WiFi Connectivity

One of the most popular features of these garage door openers is their ability to connect to WiFi and provide home system alignment. Many homeowners operate their home systems with operating platforms like The Nest. With WiFi connectivity, you can align your home control.

These benefits also increase security. Many wall mount garage door systems feature motion detectors that alert you when your door opens or detects movement nearby. Raising awareness of activity near your doors brings your home security to the next level.

App-Based and Remote Control Opening

With Wi-Fi connectivity, wall mount garage door openers usually feature app-based control. Apps like MyQ allow you to open your garage door remotely, even without connecting to your home WiFi.

There are also options for code-based remote control openers both within and outside your wall mount garage door. The versatility of wall mount garage door operation is another asset of these systems.

Locks and Code Security

Another security feature available for these types of garage door openers is a lock. Wall mount garage doors with locks provide the ultimate security for your home and family. These features are also usually operable through app systems.

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