The Pros and Cons of Garage Doors With Windows

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Finding the perfect garage door for your home isn’t easy. Of course, you want something that stands out enough to give your home curb appeal and resale value, but you also want a door that emphasizes security and has as many practical benefits as possible.

More homeowners every year turn to garage doors with windows as an all-encompassing garage door solution. They have the distinct visual benefits people want from a garage door, but are they worth the praise outside their unique aesthetic?

We’ll look at the most significant pros and cons of garage doors with windows and how Garage Door Medics in San Diego brings homeowners doors without the drawbacks.

Pros of Garage Doors With Windows

From their unique style and customizability to their natural light benefits, garage doors with windows have several distinct advantages that will transform your garage into a work of art.

Improved Curb Appeal

Garage doors take up more space in people’s homes than they often realize. And if those doors have a drab, fading color and no additional features, they can become an eyesore that drags down the curb appeal of your entire home.

On the other hand, a brand-new garage door with vibrant color and unique style can elevate your home’s entire exterior; and garage doors with windows can boost the curb appeal even further.

Garage door windows add contrast to traditional solid door patterns, so they’ll stand out well against your neighbor’s more conventional doors.

Natural Light

Large windows that allow natural light rate highly among the biggest draws of home life, and garage doors with windows let you bring that draw to your garage.

Garage door windows let waves of sunlight into the space that will brighten your day if you regularly spend time in your garage. Not only that, but the natural light will also enable you to see comfortably during the day without turning on the lights, which can trim your electricity bill if you work in your garage daily.

Additional Customization

Most garage doors are easy to customize and come in several colors, designs, and sizes, and windows provide one more layer of customizability to make your garage come to life. Garage windows also have different tints and patterns available, so you can build a door that stands out enough to boost your home’s resale value.

Cons of Garage Doors With Windows

Of course, garage doors with windows come with a share of drawbacks. And while you can avoid most of them with professional installation from Garage Door Medics, it is vital to know the risks and adverse effects before investing.

Less Security

Weak, untinted glass windows have a handful of security and privacy concerns that often turn homeowners away from installing garage doors with windows.

The most obvious and pressing issue is that anyone near your property can look through your windows at any moment. Most garage door windows don’t have blinds or shades, and if you spend a lot of time in your garage, you might not feel comfortable in a room with that much exposure to the outdoors.

And if you have a garage door with large windows, that glass can turn into a potential access point for intruders. Most garage doors are sturdy and difficult to break through, but single-paned glass will break with little force.

More Maintenance

As beautiful as garage doors with windows are, they demand more than windowless garage doors. Not only do they need standard maintenance and repairs to keep working, but you also need to clean and preserve the windows regularly to keep their curb appeal intact.

Outdoor glass attracts dirt and water stains that quickly turn garage doors into eyesores if you don’t clean them. Additionally, thin glass windows will break from accidental vehicle collisions, small rocks hitting the panes, and other standard garage door wear and tear.

Insulation Issues

Garages can prove challenging to insulate, even without windows. Most don’t have heating or air conditioning and use concrete floors that absorb and hold outdoor temperatures. And to convert them from a simple vehicle storage room to a genuine hang-out spot, you need the right equipment and features.

Many homeowners spring for windowed garage doors without thinking about temperature, opting for design perks over practicality. But garage doors with windows bring even more insulation issues when those windows aren’t robust enough to shield the outdoor weather. Even though garage door windows don’t open, extreme heat and cold will seep through the single-paned glass and make the whole room uncomfortable.

Installing Windows Onto Garage Doors the Right Way

You can avoid many common issues people fear and face with their windowed garage doors if you invest in higher quality glass, know what privacy customizations you need to add, and trust the help of qualified and licensed professionals.

Don’t Skimp on Glass Quality

Insulation and breakability issues represent two of the most significant drawbacks of garage doors with windows, but investing in high-quality glass from the best new garage door installer in San Diego offsets them.

Our garage windows at Garage Door Medics are sturdy enough to withstand impacts that would break weaker windows and thick enough to keep outdoor temperatures where they belong. So if you enjoy spending time in your garage, you’ll never have to worry about your comfort or privacy with one of our doors.

Installed Tinted or Dark-Colored Glass

As we mentioned earlier, you can customize your garage door windows in several tints, styles, and colors. And you can use that customizability to add privacy to your garage by opting for tinted or dark-colored windows.

Tinted or stained glass adds a unique aesthetic to your home that increases its curb appeal and resale value and top of additional privacy. And if you want a different look for your windows that maintains that privacy while keeping things bright, you can install frosted windows rather than ones with dark stains. 

Leave the Job to a Professional

Installing new garage doors with windows requires several hands and years of experience. If you’re not careful and don’t know the necessary steps, you risk breaking the windows on your new home investment or installing an essential part like the garage door opener incorrectly.

The best thing you can do for your new garage door is to put it in the hands of professionals. And for San Diego homeowners, you will find no better team for the job than Garage Door Medics.

Garage Door Medics: Expert Garage Door Installation in San Diego

Garage doors with windows fill your garage with beautiful natural sunlight and give it visual vibrance and resale value you won’t find with other garage doors. And while there have some drawbacks, professional installation from Garage Door Medics ensures that you deal with as few of them as possible.

Our team has the best garage doors and garage door windows available, and our nearly 30 years of experience lets us install them quickly and accurately. Additionally, we can fix all your garage door issues if your new installation wears down, from a broken spring to a faulty wall switch and everything in between.

Garage Door Medics offers expert annual maintenance as well. Garage doors experience hidden wear and tear when you use them daily, but our expert technicians will inspect every part of your door and replace the ones on their last legs.

Call Garage Door Medics today at (888) 997-2423 to schedule a garage door service or learn the tips on how to secure your garage doors.

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