Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim

Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim Service

Garage Door Weatherstripping & Trim

Weatherstripping and perimeter trim help protect against the external elements such as dirt and debris. A special bottom seal can also be used to seal an uneven bottom gap.

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Garage Door Medics will ensure that your garage door has weatherstripping on all new garage door installations. We can provide replacement for worn, damaged or missing weather seal and trim.

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Why Weatherstripping & Trim are Important

Proper installation of weatherstripping and trim will ensure a proper garage door seal. This is important because a good garage door seal can help prevent dirt and debris from entering your garage and accumulating within it. Everyone loves a cleaner garage!

Should You DIY Weatherstripping & Trim?

There are a number of websites that discuss how to install weatherstripping and trim on your own. However, many of these resources also admit that improper installation can result in wasted time and money. Additionally, not all trim and weatherstripping kits are alike in quality. When you want to know what weatherstripping and trim is best for your garage door and location, you should lean on the expertise of garage door professionals.

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Your vehicles and personal belongings inside your garage are investments you want to protect. With Garage Door Medics, our expert repair, installation and maintenance services will ensure that you have a safe and efficient garage door system. We are your trusted local garage door company that has helped countless customers for nearly 30 years. With over 15,000 garage doors serviced every year, we have the experience and expertise needed to handle all your garage door needs.

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Our company operates under the highest principles of integrity. “We only recommend what you need” is the motto we live by, and it is the promise that is upheld by each of our Medics.

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We are respectful of your property and your valuable time, and we stand by our quality work for every customer. Trust Garage Door Medics to get your garage door issues solved.