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Get professional help with garage door repair in La Quinta, CA, by reaching out to our team at Garage Door Medics. As an experienced garage door company, we handle commercial and residential repairs as well as garage door replacement. 

Garage Door Repair in La Quinta

Garage Door Opener Repair

Has your garage door opener stopped working? If so, you can contact us for garage door opener repair services. We carry new openers on our vans to quickly replace a broken or malfunctioning opener. We understand that you rely on the opener to use your garage easily. 

Sometimes, garage door openers experience mechanical failures. In other cases, the electronics inside the opener may fail. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

Our team also handles garage door spring repair. We understand that power surges or outages can damage torsion springs here in La Quinta. These springs break due to wear and tear over time.

Generally, we replace broken garage door springs instead of trying to repair the fractured part. However, we’ll discuss the best way to resolve the issue with you.

Garage Door Service in La Quinta

You can count on us for garage door service. Our technicians stay ready to take your call 24/7. Reach out to us if your garage door stops opening or comes off the track. We offer clear-cut prices that make it easy for you to handle the repair process.

Garage Door Companies and Installation Services

Garage door companies in the La Quinta area offer installation services if you want to replace your old garage door. Garage doors often last for around two decades before they start to wear out. However, as they age, they may break down more often or develop leaks along the bottom edge.

We can help you install a new door on your commercial or residential property, especially if you have an older wooden door. Manufacturers use many different materials for garage door construction, including:

  • Steel 
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass 

Fiberglass doors often represent your best choice when you upgrade your garage door. These doors offer durability and strength while improving the aesthetics of your home. They also handle the coastal weather well.

You can reach out to us to get a free estimate on a new garage door. If you want to keep your old door, we handle garage door repair in La Quinta, CA.

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Let Us Handle Garage Door Maintenance for You

Extend the life of your current garage door by scheduling regular garage door maintenance activities. Maintenance helps you prevent breakdowns, allowing you to avoid expensive repairs. 

Our team recommends an annual garage door check-up. During the inspection, we check the balance of your garage door, look over the hardware, and make adjustments. Technicians may tighten up springs and bolts to keep the door in good condition.

We finish a 25-point inspection at the end of the maintenance appointment and provide you with information about any potential issues. Crews keep equipment and replacement parts in their vans, making it easy to complete any suggested repairs. 

Where Can I Get Garage Door Repair Near Me?

Are you looking for “garage door repair near me?” Receive garage door repair in La Quinta, CA, by reaching out to Garage Door Medics. In addition to fixing doors that won’t open, we handle maintenance and installation. 

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