Garage Door Repair in Grand Prairie

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Trusted Garage Door Repair—Grand Prairie, TX

Whether it is part of our annual maintenance inspection or a callout, Garage Door Medics provides reliable garage door repair in Grand Prairie, TX, and the surrounding communities.

Grand Prairie, Texas, is one of the largest communities in the state, and we are proud to provide this beautiful area with a professional garage door repair. Grand Prairie, TX, homeowners and business owners trust us to provide exceptional service at affordable prices, helping them keep their properties safe and running smoothly.

Garage Door Repair in Grand Prairie

Finding Quality Garage Door Repair Near Me

As a thriving city with easy access to Arlington and Dallas, Grand Prairie, TX, is a hub of activity and a popular residential area. Our team covers all needs, from garage door repair to upgrades and restoration projects.

At Garage Door Medics, we commit to providing high-quality garage door repair and installation for:

  • a failure of a residential or commercial garage door
  • upgrading or connecting the garage door opener to smart capabilities
  • restoring or replacing an old garage door 
  • renovating the garage
  • servicing garage opener and spring components from all leading brands

One of the Top Garage Door Companies in Town

A professional contractor like ours can work on any garage door repair in Grand Prairie, TX. The work will always be up to the local building codes, and we top the experience with exceptional customer service. Feel free to look at our reviews and accreditation on sites like Better Business Bureau—Garage Door Medics holds an A+ rating with no major complaints from our customers in Texas.

Our garage door repair company will be clear about pricing, services, and our warranty terms before we begin any work on your property. For most projects, Garage Door Medics offers a one-year warranty. Feel free to see more about our services and customers’ frequently asked questions on our website.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Most property owners do not have any reason to think about the condition of the garage door springs until these crucial components need repair. Springs create tension, which keeps the garage door balanced and supports it while the opener moves up and down. Without this tension, the door will not operate.

  • Extension springs attach to the sides of the garage door.
  • Torsion springs create tension through a twisting action and present a more modern design.

Torsion springs are more reliable, working on a single spring mechanism above the door. The placement prevents the problem that can occur with extension springs, where one spring fails and causes an imbalance. If the opener is not working or the garage door will not remain open when lifted manually, it is time to call our Grand Prairie garage door company for a repair service.

We do not recommend handling springs without a professional present—it is a huge safety risk with so much tension at play.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

If the garage door opener fails, the garage door might get stuck or trap the vehicle inside. The door might also show a problem with the keypad or remote sensor, which needs technical expertise like ours. Don’t worry; our team prioritizes customer service and will ensure quick solutions with proper installation, timely repair, and reliable replacements if needed.

At Garage Door Medics, we have experience with many styles of garage door openers, including:

  • screw drives,
  • jackshaft drives,
  • chain drives,
  • belt drives, and more.

We can fix or install the latest smart keypads and repair older models as well.

If you need a garage door service or repair, our team is available at your earliest convenience. Call Garage Door Medics at 888-997-2423 today for premier garage door repair in Grand Prairie, TX.

Garage Door Medics provides 5-star garage door services to the residents of Grand Prairie, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ve been your trusted source for garage door repair and replacement since 1990!