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El Cajon, CA, although beautiful with its numerous large-span beaches and its balmy temperatures year-round, is also unfortunately known as a hotbed for crime. Living in a city in the 16th percentile for safe neighborhoods in America, you should protect your home to the best of your ability.

That includes ensuring your garage door, an entry point into your home, is sturdy enough to keep out unwanted visitors. Maintain your system or install a new one by calling Garage Door Medics for garage door repairs in El Cajon, CA.

Garage Door Repair in El Cajon

Garage Door Spring Repair

Your garage door springs ensure the stability and symmetry of your door, and it’s crucial to keep them in good condition. Without yearly garage door spring repair and maintenance, your door can hang to one side, slam down on your vehicle as you drive in or out, or refuse to open fully. Specialists in garage door repair will fix the springs to keep your garage door functioning perfectly.

At Garage Door Medics, we want to prepare you for drives out to El Cajon’s annual celebrations like the St. Patrick’s Day Half Marathon, March’s Green Mile Run, and November’s Mother Goose Parade. Therefore, we’ll thoroughly inspect your springs to determine if they need lubricating or cleaning to prevent squeaks and slips or if a replacement is the garage door service needed.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener may seem simple, but it’s key to a functioning door. It is the more straightforward and safer alternative to manually lifting the heavy door yourself in this city’s 90-degree summer highs or chilly 42-degree winter lows. Here are some signs that you might need proper garage door repairs in El Cajon, CA.

Failing Batteries

If you’re operating your door opener with a remote control, dying batteries can cause the frequency range to shorten. You can test if the issue is the battery by moving closer to the door before trying the button again. If it is, we’re happy to provide new batteries!

Malfunctioning Keypad

If you have a keypad or button attached to your garage walls, annual battery, antenna, or electrical checks can determine if that is your issue. If it is, Garage Door Medics can work with you to fix it in no time.

Noisy Movement

If your garage door is constantly clanking or creaking, the rollers may need replacing or lubricating. It can also mean there are loose hardware parts that need tightening. In contrast, if your door has had this problem from the start, replace it with one of El Cajon’s high-quality door openers at Garage Door Medics.

Some Other Services for Quality Home Improvement

Whether you’re renting your home like most other residents in El Cajon, or you’re a long-time homeowner in these urban-suburban mixed neighborhoods, your garage will surely benefit from our  garage door repair options in El Cajon:

  • 25-point inspections where we’ll fix garage issues before they escalate and prevent others.
  • Assisting with new door installations and replacements.
  • Repairing snapped, wedged, or loose cables.
  • Replacing dented panels, altering the door’s movements.
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With El Cajon’s property crime down to 6% and our quality doors built to withstand years of tough love, it’s the best time for repair services. For assistance from Garage Door Medics, voted one of the top three garage door companies in San Diego in 2021, contact us.

We’re your go-to garage door repair in El Cajon, CA, as well as in La Mesa and other San Diego areas. Keep your home safe year-round by calling us at 888-997-2423 today!

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