Garage Door Repair in Desert Hot Springs

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Expert Garage Door Repair in Desert Hot Springs, CA

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As the premier provider of garage door repairs in Desert Hot Springs, CA, Garage Door Medics has been serving the local community for nearly 30 years. We have established ourselves through dedicated professionalism and honest company culture. No matter what garage door repairs you require, our skilled team can do a great job!

Garage Door Repair in Desert Hot Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs are necessary for your door to open and close properly. Gradually, these springs lose their tension and can render your garage door inoperable if they break. Most garage springs last for about 10,000 cycles—about six years.

We use the highest quality steel for our springs and specialize in torsion and extension garage door spring repair. We also can remove your existing extension springs, replacing them with torsion springs for improved performance.

Garage Door Opener Repair

We also specialize in garage door opener repair. Garage door opening mechanisms come in four main types:

  • Screw drive
  • Chain drive
  • Jackshaft
  • Belt drive

Keeping your garage door opener mechanism in good condition helps them last longer. The typical garage door can weigh up to 200 lbs., making it extremely difficult to open your door. Garage Door Medics in Desert Hot Springs, CA, can diagnose and repair any garage door openers and help you choose the right opener for a new garage door installation.

Garage Door Service

Garage Door Medics provides expert garage door service and repair. We can help you save time and money by keeping your doors, rails, chains, and electrical systems in good working condition. We service more than 15,000 garage doors annually, so we are confident we know what we are doing.

Commercial Services

We offer garage door repair services for residential and commercial clients. Our commercial services can provide custom installations for a variety of applications, including warehouses, car dealerships, shipping docks, and storage facilities. We work with several types of commercial garage doors, including:

  • Security grills
  • Automated gates
  • Rolling sheet doors
  • Commercial sectional doors
  • Rolling steel doors

Why Choose Us

Quality Craftsmanship

Our service and engineering are top quality. Our company has over 30 years of experience repairing garage doors, and we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We offer a one-year warranty on all service and installation and will repair any defects or damaged parts, free of charge.

Expert Customer Service

Most people know little about garage door components and types and therefore are challenged when selecting suitable garage door companies. Our goal is to streamline the garage door repair and installation process. We can help you choose materials, spring types, and opener types and help you design a new installation. Ultimately, our company is all about serving our customers.

Affordable Prices

We also strive to make repairs and services affordable. We offer two financing plans for services, and we also have regular promotional deals to help our customers save even more. With upfront pricing, you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying.  

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Garage Door Medics has been serving our clients since 1990. Thanks to our work ethic, company culture, and professional customer service, we have built an excellent reputation.

If you require expert garage door repair in Desert Hot Springs, CA, contact us online or call us at (888) 997-2423 to schedule an appointment! 

Garage Door Medics provides 5-star garage door services to the residents of Desert Hot Springs, CA and the surrounding areas. We’ve been your trusted source for garage door repair and replacement since 1990!