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If your Cathedral City, CA, home, or business requires garage door repair services, call Garage Door Medics at (760) 565-2835.

Many Cathedral City homes require a functional garage door. Garage doors protect your cars and other valuable possessions from burglars and pests. Plus, they add convenience to your daily life.

Garage Door Medics is the most trusted company for garage door repair in Cathedral City, CA. Each year, we help thousands of homeowners solve their garage door problems. All our contractors are licensed and insured, meaning we assume liability for any damages your home may incur.

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Types of Garage Door Service

We offer numerous garage door services for Cathedral City homeowners.

A garage door has several moving parts. If one of these parts malfunctions, it will cause your garage door system to fail. Here are some of the repair services we offer to our clients.

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

A garage door can be heavy. The purpose of your system’s springs is to carry the weight of your door, allowing for optimal garage door movement.

Most garage door spring errors are due to a lack of maintenance. When you do not schedule routine inspections for your garage door, this can lead to many issues. Our Cathedral City experts recommend scheduling a garage door inspection at least twice each year.

Also, a spring issue may result from rust buildup. To prevent rust from forming, spray your garage door system with a silicon-based lubricant a few times a year.

Do not attempt to fix a Cathedral City garage door spring issue without professional help. Springs are sharp and unpredictable. Our technicians take proper precautions when handling springs to avoid injury. Our locally operated team will arrive at your house with an equipment truck full of necessary tools to fix your springs.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services

A garage door opener is responsible for lifting your door and setting it back down. We specialize in correcting several types of opener issues. Whether you have a screw drive, chain drive, or jackshaft opener, our team will diagnose and remedy your door opener problem.

If you require a door installation or replacement, our technicians will recommend the best garage door material for your home. Typically, we can replace your garage door opener in under six hours.

Many homeowners invest in automatic garage door openers. If so, you may experience sensor issues. When you do, call our Cathedral City technicians, and we can provide a quick fix.

Commercial Services Offered by Garage Door Companies

We also offer garage door repair in Cathedral City, CA, for businesses. Commercial buildings require garage doors that are durable enough to withstand sizable amounts of pressure. Our technicians can install or repair your commercial garage door promptly and effectively.

Whether you need a garage door for a shipping dock, warehouse, or storage facility, we can find the best garage door for your Cathedral City business. We also offer custom garage door designs to create the garage of your dreams.

Many commercial garage doors are unique. Therefore, it can be hard to find a repair company to fix your problems when something goes wrong. However, our talented technicians can solve any garage door problem, no matter the complexity.

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Whether you live in San Diego, Cathedral City, or La Quinta, you have a reliable garage door repair service nearby. We service San Diego County residential and commercial buildings, providing valuable solutions to their garage door problems.

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