Is a Garage Door Permit Necessary for Installation and Replacement?

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Residential and commercial property owners routinely navigate complex responsibilities throughout property management. Some responsibilities include maintenance, upkeep, repair, or replacement of various appliances throughout the property. 

For many home improvement projects, legal requirements also apply. Some new constructions, installations, or replacements may require special permits from local authorities. 

For example, did you know that installing or replacing a garage door requires a garage door permit? If this information is news to you, you aren’t alone. Many property owners don’t know the permit requirements for garages and garage doors. 

Fortunately, the experts at Garage Door Medics can help. We’re a trusted garage door repair company in Boise. In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about garage door permit requirements.

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What Is a Permit? 

Local government agencies and related authorities issue building permits for new structures, new construction, expansions, and repairs. In many cases, moving, demolishing, or converting structures also requires special permits. 

Building permits don’t come in a one-size-fits-all format. For projects involving plumbing, mechanical work, electricity, or building, a property owner must apply for or “pull” multiple permits. 

Knowing which permits your project will require ahead of time can save you time, legal worries, and money. Work with experienced garage door experts from the start of your garage door installation or replacement. We at Garage Door Medics can help you stay ahead of any permit requirements for your project. 

Does Garage Door Installation Require a Garage Door Permit? 

All new garage door installations require the correct permits issued by appropriate local parties. If your contractor indicates you do not need to pull a permit to install a garage door, get a second opinion by contacting your city officials yourself.

Permits help property owners safely plan and execute home and business improvements. Permits and inspections ensure that new structures adhere to existing building codes. As a result, they reduce the risk of faulty or dangerous construction. 

Do Garage Door Replacements Require a Permit? 

Yes, replacing your garage door will require a permit. A total replacement of a garage door structure counts as a new garage door installation. Therefore, the original permits pulled for your initial garage door installation no longer apply. 

Besides the garage door permit, property owners must obtain the correct permits for any electrical wiring necessary for new garage door openers, motors, and other structures. Some permits may require professionals with additional licensing. For example, a general contractor cannot pull permits for plumbing or electricity.

If your garage door installation is part of a larger renovation project, speak to your project manager. They’ll help you break down which permits your property requires. 

How to Acquire a Garage Door Permit 

City officials issue permits for building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. In general, the permit process involves: 

  • Filling out permit applications
  • Preparing the project location 
  • Scheduling appropriate inspections and planning approval appointments
  • Obtaining the actual permit
  • Completing final inspections
  • Obtaining final city approval 

This process, while straightforward, can add time and stress to a garage door installation or replacement. For this reason, most property owners rely on experienced professionals to apply for and obtain the necessary permits for a given project. 

Benefits of Obtaining a Permit

Property owners often hesitate to do the work required for the correct permits. This process adds time and extra steps to already complicated construction projects. Furthermore, procuring permits costs additional money. 

However, the benefits of obtaining a garage door permit outweigh the cost. Getting the correct permit for a garage door installation or replacement: 

  • Protects property value
  • Meets property insurance requirements
  • Improves property marketability 
  • Follows the law
  • Reduces the risk of faulty construction 
  • Protects property owners from fines
  • Boosts safety 

Do you want to learn how easy obtaining a garage door permit can be with the help of trained garage door professionals? Get in touch with Garage Door Medics for your garage door project today. 

Consequences of Not Obtaining a Garage Door Permit

First and foremost, completing new construction, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical projects without the correct permits breaks the law. Besides the potential fines and demolition orders, installing a new garage door without a permit: 

  • Puts you and your guests at risk of injury 
  • Damages your property’s resale value
  • Complicates loan applications
  • Voids your insurance coverage
  • Voids warranties
  • Can result in other penalties from the city 

Fortunately, most garage door professionals offer permit pulling as part of their installation services. Speak with your trusted service provider to learn about garage door permits.

Permit Needs for Garage Door Repairs

Property owners must obtain permits while installing new or replacement garage doors. However, repairs do not require additional permits. The same principle applies to minor changes to your garage door, including adding screens, changing glass panels, or color changes.

Changing your garage door or garage space in significant ways may require a permit. These ways include rewiring electrical components, replacing a substantial portion of your door, and other major alterations. 

Other Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garage Door Installation Service

In addition to seamless permit pulling, working with experienced garage door professionals offers these benefits: 

  • Customization of garage door installations
  • Professional licensing and training
  • Product warranties
  • Service guarantees
  • Minimized safety risks
  • Installations up to building code
  • Faster project completion times

Working with the experts saves you time, money, and stress. Reach out to Garage Door Medics to see how our team can streamline your garage door needs.

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