Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Different Seasons

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Different Seasons

Your garage door is an important part of your home and in different seasons, your garage door has specific routines and maintenance tips that should be followed.

To reduce any risks of malfunction, it is important that you become familiar with your garage door during the different seasons. Learn how it works, what it is supposed to look and function like, and inspect it often for any issues. Self-inspections are important. However, there are things that the untrained eye does not see.

Garage Door Maintenance Basics

You should have a professional garage door technician inspect your garage door at least twice per year. A good way to remember this is to arrange your seasonal inspections when you have your heating system and your cooling system inspected. It is all about safety and security.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Winter

Below you will find some tips that will help you inspect and take care of your garage door and ensure it is ready for the cold, winter months. Please note, you should follow this procedure again in the summer months.

Keep The Garage Door Clean, Inside And Out

Most of the natural debris that dirty a garage door is on the outside of the home. A garage door can easily be cleaned with detergent and water. A trick is to clean your garage door each time you wash your car. Use a hose with a detergent attachment, or a soft brush with an extension pole and water.

Become Familiar With The Parts And Pieces Of Your Garage Door And Opener

If you are used to checking the garage door and opener, you will notice when a part or piece is out of place or seems odd. Do not attempt to repair the door on your own. This can be dangerous. But if you notice a problem, call a garage door repair company.

Check The Balance Of The Door

Open your garage door about waist high. The door should stay in place. If it does not, that is a sign that the balance is off.

Check For Loose Bolts

The action of the door opening and closing can cause bolts to loosen over time. Keep them tightened so that they will not come off, as this can cause operational issues.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Summer

  •      Inspect the garage door for loose or missing parts, rust, and insulation
  •      Clean your garage door inside and out with detergent and soap
  •      If insulation is missing or damaged, replace it to keep the heat out
  •      Remove any rust and use a primer to stop its growth
  •      Paint the garage doors with approved metal paint if desired
  •      Call for repairs if the weather has caused any damage. Your garage door may need to be reinforced and repaired.
  •      Check the photo eye and emergency stop (see below)
  •      Check the locks to ensure the garage doors are secure
  •      Lubricate the garage door

Checking The Photo Eye And Emergency Reverse

Clean the photo-eye with a soft cloth. Press the button to close the garage door. While the door is in motion, wave a broom in front of the eye, breaking the beam. The garage door should come to a stop immediately.

Press the button to close the garage door. Place a roll of paper towels in the center of the door on the ground. When the garage door reaches the paper towel roll, it should stop and reverse itself. If either of these functions does not perform, call a garage door repair company.

Lubricating The Garage Door

Do not use grease or oil (like WD40) to lubricate your garage door. Use a silicone lubricant spray that is approved by your garage door company.

If any of the items in your inspection cause concern, please contact a garage door repair company.

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