Garage Door Maintenance Experts in Dallas

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Experts in Dallas

At Garage Door Medics we have been providing top-quality garage door maintenance and repair services to residents of the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas for over 30 years. Garage doors are designed to be sturdy, durable and have a fairly long lifespan. Their longevity can be improved with regular maintenance. Here are Garage Door Medics, your number one garage door repair service in Dallas and Fort Worth, we provide a number of maintenance services so that your garage door can continue operating smoothly. 

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Services Near You

There are a number of moving parts when it comes to garage doors and having an experienced garage door technician check them out every once in a while, making repairs and adjustments as needed, will prolong the life of your garage door. Here are some common maintenance services we provide for residents of DFW:

Replace Weatherstripping – the last thing you want is moisture to start getting into your garage or into the mechanics of the garage door. Over time the rubber seals around the edges of your garage door grow brittle and crack or rodents can chew through these protective strips and will need replacing.

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Garage Door Balancing – over time from continual up and down movement the balance of your garage door can become thrown off. If this happens the garage door opener has to work harder which will cause it to wear out faster. We can do a quick balance test and adjust the springs as necessary to rebalance your garage door.

Replace Worn Out Rollers – it is recommended that you inspect the rollers of your garage door system at least twice a year and that they will probably need to be replaced every seven years, or sooner if the door sees a lot of daily action. Chipped or cracked rollers can severely impact the functionality of your garage door and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Lubricate Moving Parts – the simple act of keeping every part that routinely moves within your garage door system well lubricated and greased helps to prolong the life of your garage door. 

Replace Worn Out Cables – these high tension components of your garage door system are designed to handle a great deal of stress placed upon them, but eventually they do wear out and need to be replaced. 

Clearing Tracks – over time dirt and other debris can slowly make its way into the track system of your garage door. Our qualified team of garage door technicians in your area can easily remove anything that could be gumming up your system to make sure that it continues to run smoothly. 

Check Safety Features – at Garage Door Medics we can do a full diagnostic inspection of your Dallas garage door system to make sure all auto-reverse safety features are working properly, and help to fix the system should a malfunction occur.

Garage Door Cables

Contact Your Local Garage Door Maintenance Company in Dallas and Fort Worth

Routine maintenance on your garage door system can go a long way. And letting the professionals at Garage Door Medics in DFW handle it makes sure that everything is working the way it should. We have been helping people repair, replace, and upgrade their garage doors for over 30 years. We provide both commercial and residential garage door maintenance services to people throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas including: 

  • Oak Lawn
  • Lake Highlands
  • Lakewood
  • Deep Elum
  • Oak Cliff
  • Preston Hollow
  • Uptown
  • Lower Greenville
  • Bishop Arts District
  • Bluffview
  • West End
  • Greenland Hills
  • Turtle Creek

Besides our maintenance and repair services we also offer FREE estimates for new door or panel replacement or for garage door opener replacements for residents in DFW. Contact us today to set up your garage door maintenance appointment! 888-997-2423

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“Collin was prompt in calling to arrange a time, stayed in contact when on his way, clearly explained my options, expertly and quickly installed a new set of springs, and took the time to explain how to properly maintain my garage door to ensure it will be worry free for years to come. Thanks!”

Barry Ide
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