Garage Door Alignment: What You Need To Watch Out For

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A misaligned garage door can cause more problems than you might think. It can become jammed; cause grinding, squeaking, or sticking sounds; damage your garage frame; and more. As such, you need to understand how to align a garage door correctly before starting the installation process.

However, many San Diego, CA, residents don’t understand how to align a garage door. So the experts at Garage Door Medics constructed a guide to teach San Diego homeowners about proper garage door alignment and what to expect during the repair process.

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The Importance of Proper Garage Door Alignment

Your home’s garage door stands as one of the last lines of defense against intruders, thieves, and other unwelcome guests. A correctly aligned garage door protects your belongings and keeps your garage safe and secure even when you’re away. However, when the door becomes misaligned, it leaves your property susceptible to criminals and the natural elements.

Most garage doors have two tracks stretching from the floor to the ceiling. When the door opens and closes, the tracks guide it while keeping the door perfectly aligned with your property. However, these tracks can become altered or damaged somewhat easily, throwing off the garage door alignment.

Older garage door tracks often have loose parts that change the door’s alignment. Continual use will further loosen these parts, making the misalignment worse over time. Bumping into the tracks can also misalign the garage door, causing numerous issues that hinder movement, efficiency, and more.

Let’s review some of the most prevalent garage door misalignment issues, including:

  • The garage door scrapes against the stop molding
  • Reduced maneuverability
  • Binding issues that hinder opening and closing
  • An off-balanced or crooked garage door
  • And more

Misaligned garage doors are exceedingly dangerous and can fall off the tracks and injure someone if you don’t resolve the problem swiftly. They can jam and trap your car inside during emergency situations, leaving you without transportation during a crisis. Conversely, if the door won’t lock or close, burglars can enter your garage and steal your belongings.

How To Fix a Misaligned Garage Door

Fortunately, fixing a misaligned garage door isn’t very difficult if you have basic home improvement skills. However, different alignment issues demand different approaches. Below we list some of the most common garage door alignment issues and how to fix them.

Off-Balanced or Crooked Garage Door

Sometimes garage doors become off-balanced and can’t open or close correctly. Although an off-balanced garage door can stem from numerous issues, it typically indicates a spring or cable problem.

Springs and cables play essential roles in opening and closing your garage door. When a door jumps the track cables, the door can’t operate properly. If your garage door becomes off-balanced, check the cables to see if they detached from the tracks.

If so, replace or repair the cables to realign your garage door. Consider the best option and contact a professional garage door company to handle the repair or replacement process for you since it can become a bit complicated without professional training.

Sometimes worn or warped garage door tracks can throw off the door’s balance. In these cases, clean the tracks to remove any debris hindering movement or off-balancing the garage door. After that, test the door to see if cleaning resolved the issue.

If the problem persists, contact a garage door specialist to repair the tracks. Also, don’t grease the tracks if the garage door sticks at a specific place. Grease can ruin the tracks and cause more significant issues.

Garage Door Binding

A bound garage door won’t open or close efficiently. Fortunately, you can fix a bound garage door by following the steps listed below.

  • Step One: Loosen the Track Screws: Loosen the track screws with a screwdriver to detach them from the door frame.
  • Step Two: Position the Tracks: Next, use a rubber mallet to gently tap the track’s bottom to move it back into the correct position. Once the track is in the right location, use a level to straighten it and ensure optimal operation.
  • Step Three: Secure the Screws: Once you position the track and ensure it sits straight, tighten the screws and secure it to the garage door.
  • Step Four: Adjust the Other Track: Repeat steps two and three to adjust the other track and complete the process.

Gapping or Rubbing Garage Doors

Sometimes malfunctioning garage doors rub against the stop molding. If the issue persists, the door won’t close correctly and cause gaps within the entryway. Fortunately, you can fix these issues by following the steps below.

  • Step One: Loosen the Track Bolts: Loosen the lower track bolts using a wrench.
  • Step Two: Adjust the Door Gap: Next, move the tracks until you create a ¼-inch gap underneath the garage door. The tiny opening allows the garage to breathe, allowing air to circulate throughout the space without leaving it vulnerable to thieves.
  • Step Three: Tighten the Bolts: Finally, retighten the track bolts and ensure they are securely in place before completing the process.

Damaged Hardware or Weathered Material

Sometimes damaged hardware or material adversely affects the garage door alignment. If your garage has carriage doors, check the hinges for potential damage. If the hinges look worn, contact a garage door specialist to replace them. 

You can replace the hinges yourself, but it requires at least two people and often proves strenuous to complete correctly.

If you have a traditional garage door, examine the springs for potential wear. Springs don’t last forever and often require replacements every few years. If you can’t find the springs for your garage door, consider upgrading to a more modern model.

Why Contact a Professional Garage Door Company To Handle Alignment Issues?

Although some DIY enthusiasts with moderate home improvement skills can fix some garage door alignment issues without professional assistance, it’s best to leave them for the professionals. Some repairs are exceedingly complicated and can worsen if you don’t perform the process correctly.

Garage door specialists understand the best approach to these problems and utilize professional tools and repair methods that ensure optimal results. They also teach you efficient maintenance techniques to help you keep your garage door in prime condition. Garage door companies can save you hours of frustration while ensuring your garage door operates at its highest efficiency level.

Contact Garage Door Medics for Professional Garage Door Alignment and Associated Services in San Diego, CA

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