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Fiberglass Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door that features the beauty of natural wood without the price of wood garage doors? If so, fiberglass garage doors could be the right doors for you. Garage Door Medics can connect you with durable fiberglass doors available with a faux wood finish. These doors feature some benefits that other door types don’t have. See how fiberglass can add to your home today!

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The Benefits of Fiberglass Garage Doors

While fiberglass garage doors are not as popular as other door types, they have many benefits. First, understand that fiberglass doors are strong. They are actually steel doors sealed with a fiberglass coating. As a result, this composite garage door has the durability of a steel door with the beautiful finish of a wood door. Fiberglass garage doors excel in harsh environments, including coastal areas. The non-corrosive nature of these doors mean they can last a long time with low exterior maintenance.

Lastly, while they are not the cheapest doors available, fiberglass doors are still less expensive than wood doors. Fiberglass garage doors offer great looks and sturdiness for a reasonable price.

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Should I Get a Fiberglass Wood Door?

With so many great garage door types available, why should you consider fiberglass doors for your home? Here are four factors to think about:


Do you live in an area with extremely cold temperatures? Fiberglass can become brittle and crack in such climates. But if you live in a warmer area, fiberglass doors will do well.


Fiberglass garage doors are known to require little exterior maintenance, and they don’t rot or warp easily. New models of fiberglass doors are also dent-resistant, which is a big plus.


Do you like how wood garage doors look, but are concerned about their durability or cost? Newer fiberglass garage doors can mimic beautiful wood grains extremely well.


Fiberglass garage doors present great long-term value for homeowners. Experience lower exterior maintenance costs over time and invest in a door that will last.

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