Irving TX Garage Door Service

Garage Door Repair in Irving, TX

Irving TX Garage Door Service

Look no further than Garage Door Medics when it comes to quality garage door repair in Irving, TX. Our team of Medics are highly trained and certified in a broad range of garage door repair services.

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Garage Door Medics Service and Repair

So no matter the issue with your garage door, we have the know-how to make it run again even better than before. From cable replacement to spring repair, whenever your garage door won’t open, we’re here for you. If you live in the Irving area or in other places listed below, contact us today!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

We know that garage doors can break at the most annoying times. Whether a garage door part breaks before work one morning or you suddenly notice your garage door won’t close one night, a broken garage door is a huge inconvenience. That is why we offer Emergency Garage Door Repair to the Irving area. After all, cables can break or openers can malfunction at any time. Instead of delaying your day waiting around for standard repair hours, let us come to you exactly when you need us most. Best of all, our emergency service pricing is very competitive at only $99 for residential and $258 for commercial. Contact us today!

Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken garage door spring is a common reason that your garage door won’t open or only opens half way. This is because springs do a lot of the work to lift and lower your garage door. If the spring suddenly breaks, there is no tension to counterbalance the door’s weight and lift it when you press the remote or keypad. Common ways to tell you need spring repair include:

  • The garage door won’t open
  • There is a gap between the spring’s coils
  • The springs are especially elongated
  • The garage door is really heavy when you try to lift it manually
  • Garage door starts to open then slams down suddenly

Garage Door Maintenance

More than just repairing issues with your garage door as they come up, our Medics also offer annual garage door maintenance. Regular maintenance is important to ensuring that your entire garage door system can operate at its best. To be sure that your garage door runs reliably, we created a 25-point checklist for maintenance appointments. The keystones of this checklist include ensuring the door’s balance, checking all the hardware, and tightening or adjusting all parts. Each of these steps extend the lifespan of your garage door, delaying repairs and saving you money. 

New Garage Doors

Because the weather in Irving varies dramatically from a windy 38°F in the winter to a humid 96°F in the summer, your home needs a durable garage door. That is why we recommend insulated garage doors. Our great manufacturers build insulated garage doors with a layer of either polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. This helps increase the temperature control and energy efficiency of your home. With an insulated door, you’ll feel more comfortable in both the summer and winter. Even better, though, you can design your insulated door from a wide range of material and style options. From steel to aluminum and traditional to carriage house, we have the options to make your vision a reality. 

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Garage Door Medics serves Irving, TX with excellent garage door repair and replacement services from the Irving Arts Center to Williams Square and even around Grapevine Lake. For both residential and commercial properties, we have the experience and resources necessary to make sure your job is done right the first time. Contact us for more information about the garage door and opener services we provide to Irving, TX (75014-75017, 75038, 75039, 75060-75063, 75220, 75229, 75261, 75326, 75368, 76155).