Looking for a keypad or remote for your garage?

We sell a variety of keypads and remotes for your garage. These products provide added services and security for your peace of mind.

Choose from the wide selection of garage door keypads we offer:
Digital Wireless Keypads

A digital wireless keypad will secure your door entry and eliminates the need to have remote controllers or keys. Some units feature a flip-up cover design, made with heavy-duty materials that are unbreakable and cannot be activated by mistake. Other designs come with a larger sized keypad and lighted buttons for increased visibility and ease of use. Some offer a convenient battery indicator light.

Wall Consoles

Many homeowners prefer the wall console because of its advanced security, lighting and control over the garage door opener. This keypad is programmable and typically features built-in locking security when you’re not at home. For added convenience, many wall consoles can work with three openers simultaneously.

Choose from the wide selection of garage door remotes we offer:
Master Remotes

Many of our customers have older garage door openers and their remotes are not as technologically advanced as the newer ones on the market. If you happen to have an older unit, Garage Door Medics offers a master remote that you may upgrade to.  It has a “universal” quality to it that will work seamlessly with equipment that dates back to the mid-1990s.

Battery Back-Up Units

Many newer, higher-end, openers incorporate battery back-up packs as a standard feature. A battery back-up pack ensures your access in or out of the garage.  This is an important feature during times of inclement weather or a power outage.

A battery back-up is an insurance policy for your peace of mind. You may need to rely on it very infrequently, but it is money well-spent. When you need instant access to your home or garage, this add-on will be a major convenience and added safety and security. Since 1990, Garage Door Medics have repaired, replaced and installed thousands of these units. Call or click now to learn more from a member of our office team.

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