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Call Garage Door Medics today, whether you need services or same-day garage door repair in Star, ID, and the surrounding areas.

Garage Door Medics is proud to serve the hard-working residents and business owners in the area. Whether it is for a broken spring, faulty opener, or garage door repair, over thirty years of experience in the industry makes us a top choice. That’s why this community relies on our professionals for a helping hand on installations, maintenance, and garage door repair in Star, ID.

Garage Door Repair in Star

Reliable Garage Door Repair Near Me

The Garage Door Medics are part of the charm in Star, ID. Our reliable contractors are readily available, with dependability and skill that has stood the test of time. We understand that prompt service is sometimes a matter of safety; garage doors can be a security risk as they age or suffer damage.

The Garage Door Medics team handles all kinds of upgrades, minor repairs, major replacements, and garage door services. We value each customer and give our best on the job, whether it is a minor remote problem or a full door replacement or restoration. As a trusted service, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations with every garage door repair in Star, ID.

Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door’s weight must balance as it goes up and down for it to operate safely, and a fault with the springs makes the motor and other components work far harder. Garage door springs provide tension that counteracts the weight of the door. A typical residential or commercial garage door opener will not work at all if the tension in the springs is out of balance.

The two most common garage door springs are extension and torsion springs, which provide tension in different ways. Torsion springs use more modern technology and provide various advantages over clumsy extension springs that stretch along the sides of the door. The tension in the torsion springs comes from a twisting motion as it stretches across the top of the door horizontally, a much more reliable setup.

The Garage Door Medics provide springs and related services like:

  • door spring installation
  • garage door spring maintenance and repair
  • upgrades to an existing garage door or spring system

Garage door components can be tricky, whether it is a spring tension problem or an electrical fault. Springs are our most common callout in the area, and we carry spares to every garage door repair in Star, ID.

Garage Door Opener Repair

If the motor, drive, remote, or keypad fails on the garage door, it will be difficult or impossible to access the area. An older garage door opener also becomes unreliable, but Garage Door Medics can fix just about every type, including:

  • Belt Drive
  • Chain Drive
  • Jackshaft
  • Screw Drive

We also work with modern manufacturers to carry advanced equipment, including smart garage door openers operating from a smartphone or laptop.

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Garage Door Medics provides a garage door repair service you can trust, and we care about each of our customers. We aim to provide respectful, professional services that make customers and environmental sustainability a priority. Our professionals work hard to accommodate our customers’ schedules and work efficiently so that the garage door or components do not derail your plans for the day.

Contact the Garage Door Medics for exceptional garage door service, including:

  • Repairs day or night
  • Commercial repairs and maintenance services
  • Residential repair and replacement services
  • Garage door system upgrades

Would you like to schedule an appointment with us for installation, repair, or restoration services? Call Garage Door Medics at 888-997-2423 today and find out why so many locals rely on our garage door repair in Star, ID.

Garage Door Medics provides comprehensive garage door services to the residents of Star, ID and the surrounding areas since 1990! From installation to maintenance and repair, we are your trusted garage door company.