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A faulty garage door can be more than an inconvenience when it keeps you from getting to your workshop or vehicle. A malfunctioning garage door that sticks open or fails to lock could also become a security risk, and it is best not to put off a garage door repair in Nampa, ID. Why not call Garage Door Medics for high-quality, dependable service in the Boise-Nampa Metropolitan area?

Garage Door Repair in Nampa

Finding Garage Door Repair Near Me

Garage Door Medics proudly serves the hard-working community here with services and all types of professional garage door repair in Nampa, ID. Living in a major city is an advantage for local business owners and residents, especially where you need quick access to an overhead door company with more than 30 years of experience on the job. Customers confirm our reputation for reliable service and quality work, including the following benefits of our service:

  • We provide quick access to the garage and ensure you can close it safely before we leave
  • We keep all types of garage doors and openers running smoothly, extending their lifespan with regular service and quality replacements
  • We upgrade any garage door system with traditional components or smart capabilities at fair prices

Top-notch Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs keep the heavy garage door in balance so that property owners can raise or lower it safely. The springs are under high tension to support the mechanism, and aging springs pose a significant safety risk. If these springs break, there could be potentially serious injuries to anyone in the area.

At Garage Door Medics, we commonly handle two types of garage door springs: extension and torsion springs. Both types of springs keep a garage door moving smoothly, and our experienced professionals know how to maintain them effectively.

Extension Springs

Extension springs stretch down the sides of the garage door, raising and supporting it by pulling upward. They are an older technology and commonly need garage door repair in Nampa, ID. Extension springs often have one of the springs failing so that support on the other side is stronger; it puts strain on the components, particularly on the motor.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs stretch across the top of the garage door, providing tension by twisting tightly. For small garages, a single spring provides enough tension, mitigating the risk of bringing the left or right sides out of balance. If torsion springs fail, the garage door will no longer open automatically or stay up if opened by hand.

If your garage still has extension springs, Garage Door Medics highly recommends upgrading to torsion strings. It is one of our most popular installations for those looking to avoid frequent garage door repair in Nampa, ID.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Medics is also available to fix broken garage door openers with many different types of mechanisms, keypads, and remotes with different features. We also handle openers with smart technology, which is why the Garage Door Medics team stays current on the latest smart technologies.

Top-Quality Garage Door Service and Decades of Experience

As a leader among the area’s garage door companies, our exceptional technicians can fix any garage door or related component. They also carry a 30-year track record of excellence as licensed, bonded, insured, and committed professionals. If you need a reliable team that is available for everything from maintenance to repairs, Garage Door Medics is an excellent choice.

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