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We are one of the top garage door companies in the area for same-day services and reliable garage door repair in Meridian, ID—call Garage Door Medics today! 

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Whether you need garage door service or a full replacement, Garage Door Medics offers over 30 years of experience in the business. We are a trusted provider of garage door repair services in Meridian and the surrounding communities, with a team that prioritizes customer care, honesty, and flexibility.

What can local customers expect from the professionals at Garage Door Medics?

  • We will never recommend a repair you do not need, and our preventative maintenance services help customers avoid costly repairs in the future.
  • We reduce our environmental impact by using recycled materials and recycling our scrap metal through our sister company, Morena Welding.
  • We can repair, restore, or replace any type of garage door affordably.

Find out more about Garage Door Medics below, whether you need residential or commercial garage door repair in Meridian, ID.

Garage Door Repair in Meridian

Garage Door Installation Services

After years of withstanding Meridian’s harsh weather, it might be time to update the garage door’s look or tired components. A small area of damage might only require individual panel replacement, and Garage Door Medics is happy to discuss the most cost-effective options. However, property owners will know when a garage door reaches the end of its lifespan as repair costs outweigh the price of installing a new door structure. 

Garage Door Medics offers various garage door styles and assorted brands in steel, wood, and vinyl. We also offer an estimate on new door installation and panel replacements so that our customers can make more informed decisions before committing to the work.

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Garage door springs facilitate the door’s movement, so excessive strain hinders many other components. The spring designs typically last for approximately six years and commonly create problems. For example, a broken garage door spring makes opening and closing the garage door nearly impossible.

Thankfully, the technicians at Garage Door Medics always keep a variety of garage door springs on hand for maintenance and garage door repair in Meridian, ID.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Services

The team at Garage Door Medics can replace and repair all kinds of garage door openers, including:

  • screw drive openers,
  • chain drive openers,
  • jackshaft openers, and
  • belt drive openers.

We also have extensive experience with modern openers equipped with remote smartphone capabilities. Our repertoire extends to Genie, Chamberlain, Craftsman, LiftMaster, and more, and you can let us know what you need. We can service garage door opener circuit boards, remotes, accessories, gears, sprockets, and any other replacements or upgrades.

Garage Door Maintenance Packages

Annual maintenance is the best way to ensure a functioning garage door that does not surprise you with costly repairs at the last minute. One of our most popular services includes the 25-point annual inspection from Garage Door Medics’ experienced professionals. During the inspection, we check the balance of the door, the hardware, and every component to catch any repair needs early. 

If we do discover any issues during this inspection, our team can repair them on the spot.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

A broken garage door risks expensive repairs and trapped vehicles, but there is no need to find yourself stranded without a car. Call Garage Door Medics for garage door repair in Meridian, ID, or the surrounding areas. We cover all eventualities, whether you are experiencing trouble with a garage door motor or opener or anything else.

Garage Door Medics offers amazing service that is affordable and dependable—call us at 888-997-2423 today for top-notch garage door repair in Meridian, ID.

In every appointment, our Medics focus on providing you with the best possible garage door repair or replacement services. Whether you just need a spring replacement or want to redo the whole door, we stay true to our motto, “We only recommend what you need.”

Do you live in the Meridian area or in other places listed below and need garage door repair? Contact us today!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Whether a garage door part breaks before work one morning or you suddenly notice your garage door won’t close one night, a broken garage door is a huge inconvenience. That is why we offer Emergency Garage Door Repair to the Meridian area. After all, doors can come off track or garage door parts can malfunction at any time. But instead of delaying your day waiting around for standard repair hours, let our Medics come to your home exactly when you need us most. Best of all, our emergency service pricing is very competitive at only $99 for residential and $258 for commercial. Contact us today!

Garage Door Spring Repair

If you need a spring repair for your garage door, you’ll notice that:

  • Your garage door won’t open
  • Your garage door opens halfway
  • You see a gap between the spring’s coils
  • The springs are elongated
  • The garage door is really heavy when you try to lift it manually

Garage door springs need replacement every 8-12 years. This is because they carry a tremendous amount of tension to maintain your door’s weight. If your spring breaks suddenly, you won’t be able to open your garage door automatically or manually. In this case, you need to schedule immediate garage door spring repair so we can get your car out of the garage.

Garage Door Maintenance

Taking care of your garage door is an important home maintenance project you need to consider. After all, as the largest, heaviest moving part of your home, a garage door needs maintenance to operate safely and reliably. With annual maintenance, preferably once a year, your garage door parts last longer and experience much less wear. Watch out for these warning signs that you need garage door maintenance:

  • Loud operation, especially grinding or squeaking
  • Door opens or closes slowly
  • Door sections are sagging or bent
  • If your door closes at an angle

Roller & Cable Repair

Rollers and cables are two important garage door parts that help the opener reliably operate your garage door. If your rollers or cables break or come out of place suddenly, you need to call our Medics immediately. Attempting to operate your garage door with broken parts is dangerous and likely to further damage your entire garage door system. So instead of trying to diagnose or repair the issue yourself, let us complete your repair or parts replacement with finest workmanship. Our expert Medics can perform your repairs within one appointment, getting your garage door back to normal in no time. 

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