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Garage Door Repair Parts

Garage Door Parts and Spring Replacement

We stand by the quality of all the garage door parts we offer at Garage Door Medics. Every Garage Door Medic has years of experience in installing, repairing, and servicing garage door parts from a broad range of brands and manufacturers. Our Medics have full knowledge of how each part works together to get your garage door running smoothly. Even better, we train our technicians to provide an excellent customer experience from the first call to the completion of your repair or install. From our multiple locations across five states, we service over 15,000 garage doors every year, and we’re ready to service your garage door next.

To meet all the above service guarantees, we have a wide variety of garage door parts and accessories available. In fact, we keep our trucks and warehouses stocked with quality parts in multiple sizes and gauges. With this selection, our expert technicians can repair or replace any part of your garage door system. This also means we never have to delay your repair because we have to order parts. Instead, our aim is always to complete your garage door repair within one service appointment.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Garage Door Repair

Although you can purchase parts from discount retailers on your own and go the DIY route, we do not advise this for three primary reasons:


There are safety hazards that arise from improper selection and installation of garage door parts. Keep in mind that a garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part of your home. To maintain and move the door's weight, your garage door parts like the spring, cables, and opener have to carry a lot of tension. This combination of weight and tension makes DIY repairs incredibly dangerous for you and your family. Instead of taking the risk of injuring yourself or causing more expensive damage to your garage door, let our Medics complete your repairs quickly and easily.


Parts from discount retailers may not give you the assurance of quality our brands and manufacturers offer. When you order garage door parts online, you're not guaranteed that the parts will be new or of the promised quality. Also, some off-brand manufacturers don't use the same material standards to produce their springs, cables, rollers, or hinges. Instead of hoping for the best or overpaying for replacement parts, let us take care of your garage door repairs with quality replacement parts.


Garage door systems are a complex mechanism built from numerous moving parts that each have their own size and gauge. Just discussing springs, there are extension, torsion, and torquemaster. Each of these spring types are then further complicated by multiple wire sizes, diameters, and lengths. So when it comes to replacing parts on your garage door, you have to have the correct knowledge to do the job right with the correct parts. Instead of spending time and money on extensive research and various replacement parts, let us take care of your repair. Our experts will know just the right part for your garage door system and be able to quickly replace it with quality products we keep on hand.

Garage door repair parts

Garage Door Replacement Parts

All of the garage door parts and accessories work together to open and close your garage door. They are a complex system that maintain the weight of the door and allow it to operate safely. Because each of these parts are important to the reliable functionality of your garage door, we keep our warehouse and trucks stocked a wide variety of replacement parts including:

  • Torsion springs
  • Support brackets
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Drums
  • Torsion tubes
  • Hinges
  • Bearings
  • Tracks
  • Replacement sections
  • Struts
  • Weatherstripping
  • Safety sensors
  • Decorative hardware
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Garage Door Opener Parts

Garage door openers are a complex motor system that allows you to automatically operate your garage door with a remote, keypad, or app. Because of this complexity, sometimes the problem lies within the garage door opener and not the garage door. That is why we also offer many different replacement parts for garage door openers, including:

  • Wall consoles
  • Motor heads
  • Remote controls
  • Keypads
  • Batteries
  • Trolleys
  • Gears and sprockets
  • Decorative Accessories

Garage Door Accessories

Beyond just replacing garage door parts that cause an issue, we also provide garage door accessories to upgrade the exterior of your garage door. We can order a variety of decorative garage door hardware accessories. These accessories can even be special ordered in steel, aluminum, or a composite resin. Specifically, we can upgrade the look of your garage door with:

  • Door handles
  • Decorative hinges
  • Decorative locks
  • Strap hinges
  • Door knockers
  • Clavos
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Our Garage Door Repair Guarantees

We Have the Parts for Your Door

There are many different kinds of garage door parts, such as garage door springs, cables, tracks, and sensors. When one of these parts breaks, the entire garage door system may no longer work properly. This is where Garage Door Medics comes in with the best resources and expertise to repair any issue with your garage door system. Also, because we stay stocked with a wide variety of part sizes and brands, we have the right ones for your home. This means you never have to wait on a repair with Garage Door Medics. Our Medics are here to replace your garage door parts within one service appointment.

We Only Recommend What You Need

We operate under the highest principles of integrity. The motto we live by is “We only recommend what you need,” and it is the promise you can expect when you need garage door parts. Our Medics don't seek to profit off the problem with your door. Instead, our aim is always to get your garage door in great shape at a price you think is fair. This means only replacing parts that have significant issues and need immediate repair. Trust us to guide you through your best options for garage door repair with transparency.

Fast Response Time & Quality Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency service for our customers and work to accommodate your schedule. Our goal is always to get to your home or business as quickly as possible. While other garage door companies make you wait around to meet their schedule, we make you our number one priority. So whenever you need garage door repair or replacement parts, our Medics are standing by to serve you.